GMTA – Summertime

Ozzie B and the Great Minds Think Alike (GMTA) collective offer you the perfect track to end your summer on, better yet, the perfect track to look back and remember the good times you have had this summer with their new song ‘Summertime’.

This song has so much feeling to it, you cannot help but to feel good listening to this one, a really good effort from GMTA, the video directed by Creeping East entertainment really captures the essences that the song delivers, staying true to the track, Creeping East’s visuals represent the song nicely. the combination of voices and character gives that friendly enviroment vibe, Lady Shivz soulful tone provides a sultry element, Money Bags comes correct with a laid back but on point verse, the underrated emcee proves why GMTA are such a unique collective, personally I feel that I do not have to say much as the song speaks for itself, definitely a summer smash that will be scorching even in through winter.

“Shout out to GMTA..Zed, Bags, Lip E, Shivz, Drama, Knowledge and the whole camp”

Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike

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