Voltage – Working Overtime ft. Double S, Brutal & Dot Rotten

The UK has a rapidly rising scene, with the new breeds are proving their worth, among them are four talented beings in the form of Voltage, Double S, Brutal and Dot Rotten. They unite on this underground classic.

Voltage is super talented as an emcee, I have seen many of his freestyle sets and he has always been consistent, a focused artist, Voltage backs his undeniable talent with a strong work rate, bringing Double S who surprises many by singing but he pulls it off well, Brutal and Dot Rotten add their own flare to the track providing depth at the same time.

Each artist has gone on to establish themselves as strong forces within the industry, expect to hear more from Voltage as he looks to further establish himself as a permanent fixture in the scene.

Click image to visit Voltage's myspace

Click image to visit Voltage's myspace

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