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GMTA – Summertime

Ozzie B and the Great Minds Think Alike (GMTA) collective offer you the perfect track to end your summer on, better yet, the perfect track to look back and remember the good times you have had this summer with their new song ‘Summertime’.

This song has so much feeling to it, you cannot help but to feel good listening to this one, a really good effort from GMTA, the video directed by Creeping East entertainment really captures the essences that the song delivers, staying true to the track, Creeping East’s visuals represent the song nicely. the combination of voices and character gives that friendly enviroment vibe, Lady Shivz soulful tone provides a sultry element, Money Bags comes correct with a laid back but on point verse, the underrated emcee proves why GMTA are such a unique collective, personally I feel that I do not have to say much as the song speaks for itself, definitely a summer smash that will be scorching even in through winter.

“Shout out to GMTA..Zed, Bags, Lip E, Shivz, Drama, Knowledge and the whole camp”

Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike

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Ozzie B – Maybee Ting

Hopefully you’ve seen Ozzie B’s ‘About Time’ (and read the review obviously), well now Ozzie B aka Zed follows up that anthem with another one.

“These days it’s a Maybee thing, Everybody saying Maybee thing,
These days it’s a Maybee thing, To make P’s is a definite-definite- definite-definite thing!!”

Ozzie B displays his versatility with this one, after the strong sounding and lyrically driven ‘About Time’, he steps into the funky house room, trying to keep the sound as street and underground sounding as possible, yet possessing the required elements for it to be as big on the dance floor, It will no doubt help put the name Ozzie B into more people’s heads with the track’s catchy vibe, you can’t help but to get up and ‘skank’ to this one.

Maybee Thing‘ is a feel good, care free tune, you can’t be critical of something that does what it is supposed to, and Ozzie B has certainly met the requirements with this banger.

Featuring rising comedian Jazzie’s alter ego J.Weezy, the video adds to what is most definitely a summer banger!

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Ozzie B – Strongest Drink ft. Double S

Ozzie B is definitely not slacking, After the banger About Time, the More Fire and Great Minds Think Alike artist put out the club anthem Maybee Ting (Video coming soon), only to then give us what could be many people’s anthem for the summer with ‘Strongest Drink’.

Featuring the fast-rising emcee Double S (of Marvell), this funky number is a capable to get any party going, the concept is fun, the lyrics are easy to understand and vibe to, the production possesses that feel good factor, you cannot help but to move along to it. Double S continues to elevate his position further, with his quick flow and witty lyrics, “You’re smart..you don’t need no diploma, but really you should dip low..ma!”.

Ozzie B and his collective ‘Great Minds Think Alike‘ (GMTA), are continuously pushing themselves in order to get the best, Ozzie has really displayed his ability in terms of diversity with the likes of ‘Maybee Ting’ and ‘Strongest Drink’, whilst About Time serves an ace for the more introspective Grime fan.

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