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Ozzie B – Maybee Ting (Refix) ft. Lip E, Double S, Shocka, Flirta D, Lethal Bizzle, JME & Frisco

The original was massive, the video was even bigger, so here comes the remix, courtesy of Ozzie B and GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike).

Featuring a line-up of new comer Lip E, rising stars Double S & Shocka of North London collective Marvell Crew, established Flirta D and Lethal Bizzle take it back to the old school before JME & Frisco represent Boy Better Know by adding their flair and charisma to the track.

Ozzie B got the stars out for this remix and each one offers something different on this funky mid-tempo beat.

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Mz Bratt – Who Do You Think You Are

The UK’s leading emcee is more than a ‘rapper’, she is an artist, a role-model, an inspiration and more so a positive voice for females.

Who Do You Think You Are is her debut single and it is a banger!!

Produced by Terror Danjah, this multi-genre anthem has elements of electro and grime perfectly fitted within an edgy beat, capable to start any party, the synths are well placed upon a hard-hitting beat allowing Mz Bratt to shine with her lyrics and evident charisma.

I like the video a lot, it is youthful, fun and portrays the song’s overall feeling, with it’s vibrant scenes and bright colours, this visual beautifully compliments the song. With cameos from the likes of Superstar in the making Bluey Robinson, Terror Danjah, Wretchroboy Wretch 32, Bashy, DJ’s Ras Kwame and Viz, Double S, Cyko Logic and Donae’o among others, a great video to contrast a great song.

I expect big things from Mz Bratt, capable to shine as bright in the mainstream as she has done within the underground circuit, this track deserves even more recognition, (you know a song is good when even as a guy you find it catchy). She is a strong woman, who carries herself well, an inspiration to many young girls around the world, a far better role model than the likes of Brittany Spears and Beyonce (You can tell them I said that). Mz Bratt has every reason to succeed at the highest level, her recent FREE mixtape ‘Give it to em vol. 2’ is a small indication of the talent she possesses fused with her easy to love character, I have not even mentioned the fact that she is absolutely stunning, this naturaly beauty and her natural talent is definitely set to make her mark within the industry.

Mz Bratt - Who Do You Think You Are? ..OUT NOW!!

Mz Bratt - Who Do You Think You Are? ..OUT NOW!!

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Wizzy Wow – DR Wizzy Love (mixtape)

The UK’s rising producer Mr Wizzy Wow, releases his latest FREE downloadable mixtape, DR Wizzy Love.

Click cover to download the FREE mixtape

Click cover to download the FREE mixtape

16 Spacey tracks from the Space boy himself, Wizzy Wow demonstrates his production skills, his lyrical and vocal ability with this release. With features from Calibar, J. Flows & Scorcher to name a few, this experimental offering has a few surprises, really diverse and with its own perspective of sound and melody, Wizzy Wow breaks a few barriers with this easy listening musical gift.

OneFáris Favourite: 15. Breaking Down ft. Double S & Patrick Thief

This track is so different to the usual generic heartbreak tracks, up-lifting and emphatic without being over the top, produced by Stickmatick, Wizzy Wow recruits the young phenom Street Sounds aka Double S and newcomer Patrick Thief for this one. The strongest point of this track is the chorus as well as the expected Double S delivery, you can feel the emotion, you can understand the frustration. Overall, as with most of the tracks on this mixtape, there is potential for them to be big releases, such as It’s Over ft. Scorcher, Breaking Down reminds me of an old Neptunes production, so unique yet fitting nicely, the style is not the same, but a hit is a hit! Breaking Down and Dr Wizzy Love is a sign for the range of diverse music to come out of the UK.

Listen out for more from North London’s Y.Wizz aka Mr Wizzy Wow

Mr Wizzy WOW!!

Mr Wizzy WOW!!

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Voltage – Working Overtime ft. Double S, Brutal & Dot Rotten

The UK has a rapidly rising scene, with the new breeds are proving their worth, among them are four talented beings in the form of Voltage, Double S, Brutal and Dot Rotten. They unite on this underground classic.

Voltage is super talented as an emcee, I have seen many of his freestyle sets and he has always been consistent, a focused artist, Voltage backs his undeniable talent with a strong work rate, bringing Double S who surprises many by singing but he pulls it off well, Brutal and Dot Rotten add their own flare to the track providing depth at the same time.

Each artist has gone on to establish themselves as strong forces within the industry, expect to hear more from Voltage as he looks to further establish himself as a permanent fixture in the scene.

Click image to visit Voltage's myspace

Click image to visit Voltage's myspace

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North London’s Marvell have released their second free downloadable mixtape ‘Marvell FM 2’ leading up the release of their debut The World Is Ours EP.

If you like Grime then you should definitely download this, if you do not like Grime then you should still definitely download Marvell FM 2!!

The trio are bringing something back to music, lyrical content is on another level, concepts are from their minds which represents ours so it does not sound manufacturerd for us but rather made by one of us. It is fun, it is youthful, for a free download they have given away some quality material.

From the intro (courtesty of the hilarious Shocka), the first track is ‘Lemme Av A Go’, listen carefully to Double S, his word play is seriously outstanding, more than once I find myself going back like “Did he just say that?!”, ‘Baby Its Ok’ is another up-tempo for the ladies that the guys will appreciate, They even remixed Jeremih’s smash ‘Birthday Sex’, personally I criticise these remixes but I actually like this one. On ‘Finally Time ft. Dot Rotten’, they display their desire and hunger to be successful amidst set backs, ‘Otherside of The Rainbow’ is similar, it highlights their ambition, with Vertex, Shocka and Double S equally shining. ‘Star In The Sky’, another one for the ladies, a potential next single even, leads up to the official UK remix for Drake – Successful ft. Trey Songz, that is the official remix. Next is ‘Going In 32 Part 2’ featuring Griminal, a beast of a beat on which they do not dissapoint. You also get to hear the remix for Aggro – Free Yard as well as an exclusive freestyle set with the Movement (Wretch 32 & Ghetts).

Marvell FM 2 is a successful improved sequel to Marvell FM. Marvell (consisting of Shocka, Double S & Vertex) bring unity, talent, desire and so much more as a total package, if the industry looks for talent then these three will be signed, but if the industry is looking for a group with a buzz that has hot singles for them to profit on then they still will get signed.

Destined for success, it’s Marvell again.

Fáris Rating:

Click Cover to Download MARVELL FM 2 (FREE)

Click Cover to Download MARVELL FM 2 (FREE)

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Ozzie B – Strongest Drink ft. Double S

Ozzie B is definitely not slacking, After the banger About Time, the More Fire and Great Minds Think Alike artist put out the club anthem Maybee Ting (Video coming soon), only to then give us what could be many people’s anthem for the summer with ‘Strongest Drink’.

Featuring the fast-rising emcee Double S (of Marvell), this funky number is a capable to get any party going, the concept is fun, the lyrics are easy to understand and vibe to, the production possesses that feel good factor, you cannot help but to move along to it. Double S continues to elevate his position further, with his quick flow and witty lyrics, “You’re smart..you don’t need no diploma, but really you should dip low..ma!”.

Ozzie B and his collective ‘Great Minds Think Alike‘ (GMTA), are continuously pushing themselves in order to get the best, Ozzie has really displayed his ability in terms of diversity with the likes of ‘Maybee Ting’ and ‘Strongest Drink’, whilst About Time serves an ace for the more introspective Grime fan.

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Marvell ..UK Stand Up!!

I’ve been raving about Marvell for a while now (Check the previous posts), I’m not even talking about UK, globally there are not that many (if any) groups that can entertain as well as these three.

There are no stereotypes about these guys, for a while now Grime and Urban music itself has been kept away from the mainstream, reasons such as violent content and negative influences were placed upon the scene and it’s range of artists, however, here we have three young and extremely talented artists, they could so easily be attracted by and follow the drug selling lifestyle that many kids are drawn to, yet they are making a difference, Marvell are an inspiration for youths, they represent, talent, unity and the saying that ‘hard work pays off’, they deserve to be recognized as a mainstream act without a doubt.

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Marvell – Make Noise

The Marvell boys return with the much anticipated video for their single ‘Make Noise’ (Out 1st June).

Marvell have been making a name for themselves within the underground scene for a while now individually and as a collective with mixtapes such as Late Arrival, Moneys Da Motive and the latest offering Marvell FM, each one receiving high praises for it’s combination of innovation, creativity and entertainment values.

Make Noise is the first single to be released, and the single itself is making a lot of noise as they rise further up in the game. The video is already a regular on TV, with many requesting the video proving they have a strong following.

The track is compiled with a beat that makes it’s presence known, a synth that brings pace into the track, perfectly complimented by the flow from all three emcees, Shocka leads and delivers another metaphorically driven verse, full of lyrical ability and wit, Vertex then steps up and delivers on point, obviously the fasted out of the three (if not the fastest in the scene) Double S runs side by side of the melody with the third verse adding heavily to keeping the impact of the song consistent from start to finish. I really feel that it has the same attributes as Kano – P’s & Q’s in terms of cross-over appeal, Marvell manage to come across aggressive whilst maintaining an ear-friendly sound.

Visually, directed by Vertex himself (who notably also directed the video for The Noisettes – Don’t Upset the Rhythm), it is a combination of professionalism and a youthful mind, it provides the same enjoyable feel as the track and therefore the two compliment each other, complete with effects and an Eddie Kadi cameo, Vertex is certainly making noise as one of the best prospects in the direction field.

Overall, Make Noise will is set to elevate the fly boys to further heights, they certainly deserve it with the hard work and determination that they put in but more with the talent they possess and the quality material that Marvell is delivering.

For those who need more persuasion of how good Marvell are, here you go:


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Oh No It’s Marvell again!!..

So we already know that the UK has an plethora of talent, some we have not even heard yet, some however have been grinding and putting in the work for a while now, when we talk about the best the usual names come up, Ghetts, Wretch 32, Scorcher, Kano, Klashnekoff, Tinchy Stryder, Wiley, Skepta, JME, I can go on, but in recent times a new wave of artists have come through and have been seeing success in a shorter space of time, could it be because the ones before have made it easier or because they are more talented, I say both.

At the top of this new wave many will say is Chipmunk, an artist who in a short space of time has made it to the top in terms of talent and recognition and i’m sure there will be plenty to follow. However, I raise the question, who is the best group to come up in recent times?

For those that know, well done, as for those that don’t know, allow me to introduce you to Marvell, a trio of equally talented emcees, that are more than just three kids that can rap, Marvell consists of Shocka, Vertex and Double S, individually each one is talented, has a persona of his own, bringing something fresh to the industry.

What I like about them is the fact that they appear so genuine, this is how they are, there three down to earth guys, confident in their ability but appreciative of what they have.

So many times i hear them and think “Yeah Double S is my favourite”, then i’m listening and i’m like, “actually, it’s all about vertex, no wait..shocka”, the best thing is to appreciate what the three bring to the table, each one compliments the other..

..The idea of trying to work out which one is better and then realising that together they’re just a phenomenon. reminds me of another collective known as The Movement, which then brings us to:

The best thing in my opinion about Marvell is that they are three friends that possess a talent and a love to do this, they were not manufactured, they do this from the heart, the love of music and you sense that with their movement as they continue to make a name for themselves in this industry, in a genre where constantly stereotypes are put before the truth, the youth are looked upon in a negative light, these guys are doing something positive, being role-models for the even younger, showing a better path, growing up I never got the help and guidance, always put down, they will get it too but they’ve seen their path and nobody can take them off it, Marvell deserve a lot of respect and deserve more than they get the way that they work, definitely inspiring and motivational!

“Oh No It’s Marvell Again!”


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