Wiley – 5am ft. Scorcher (Produced by Jake Gosling)

This was an early morning anthem for me.


This is my favourite track from Wiley’s mainstream release ‘See Clear Now’.

It is something different from Wiley but different is expected on this album as it is his far more commercial sounding compilation, although this track possesses a mainstream feel with a Grime centre, the core of the song is the presence of both Wiley and Scorcher, Their concept of the ‘hardworking’, whether on the street struggling to make ends meet or working a 9-5 plus overtime is emphasised with their real determination and desires, most evident with Scorcher who despite his talents is yet to be embraced by the mainstream, make this a late release accompanied by a video directed by Scorcher himself (he is now directing as part of his Staple House productions) and this could get a look from the mainstream, some conversation even if not a hug. Although Scorcher’s verse is short for my liking, it is quality, “5am and I can’t sleep, It’s been the same for the past week”, he displays all his qualities as an artist in a verse that took him five minutes to create (without even writing anything down!). Jake Gosling creates an emotion-filled composition, from the sounds chosen for the kick, to the arrangement of the overlapping melodies, combined with the contrasting vocals on the chorus, he creates a classic sounding instrumental on which both emcees do justice. Wiley sounds like a man in power, his belief of his position in the scene is evident in his tone and in the confidence and assurance with which he delivers his verse, his flow is serious which helps get his message across, he captures your attention which provides good variety as Scorcher brings you along to a moment in his life, providing a lyrical image, this keeps the song consistance and prevents it from being repetetive.

5am has a lot of potential, just like producer Jake Gosling who will no doubt receive the accolades he deserves if he continues to create such brilliance, Scorcher’s talents are ever present and it is only a matter of time before he gets his due credit, collaborations such as this will no doubt help, continuing to help the scene progress Wiley at times seems like he can do no wrong, a great track from a great album, especially if you find yourself working/hustling/grinding at 5am.

Wiley - See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

Wiley – See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

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