50 Cent – Do You Think About Me

This is probably my favourite record off his album Before I Self Destruct.

Track 14, Do You Think About Me:

Listening to the album, as soon as this started I knew it, this was my favourite record of the moment, it turns out that this is what 50 wishes he could release rather than Baby By Me, however it is rumoured to be the second single after his collab with Ne-Yo.

I personally like the classic feel it has, it possesses something similar to the old Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 50 Cent records, I beleive that Before I Self Destruct is his best album since his record breaking debut album.

Do You Think About Me, produced by Ty Fyffe (producer for Slick Rick, Foxy Brown and Redman among others), is a soft record, however 50 adds his vocal presence, similar to Baby By Me, again aimed at a female, however this is even more personal, as 50 depicts the scenario of him looking back, using Paul McCartney’s divorce as a comparison, it seems honest and feels realistic, it can be interepreted however you feel, the catchy synths mixed with the evident sample create a more sensitive emotion which stands along side the song’s concept, the added chimes and synths really make the record stand out, if released this could be another hit for 50 Cent to add to the inevitable success of Baby By Me.

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