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50 Cent – Do You Think About Me

This is probably my favourite record off his album Before I Self Destruct.

Track 14, Do You Think About Me:

Listening to the album, as soon as this started I knew it, this was my favourite record of the moment, it turns out that this is what 50 wishes he could release rather than Baby By Me, however it is rumoured to be the second single after his collab with Ne-Yo.

I personally like the classic feel it has, it possesses something similar to the old Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 50 Cent records, I beleive that Before I Self Destruct is his best album since his record breaking debut album.

Do You Think About Me, produced by Ty Fyffe (producer for Slick Rick, Foxy Brown and Redman among others), is a soft record, however 50 adds his vocal presence, similar to Baby By Me, again aimed at a female, however this is even more personal, as 50 depicts the scenario of him looking back, using Paul McCartney’s divorce as a comparison, it seems honest and feels realistic, it can be interepreted however you feel, the catchy synths mixed with the evident sample create a more sensitive emotion which stands along side the song’s concept, the added chimes and synths really make the record stand out, if released this could be another hit for 50 Cent to add to the inevitable success of Baby By Me.

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50 Cent – Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo (Official Video)

Okay, so here it is, I know when I first heard the record I was fairly scepticle and was not so positive, simply because I expected more, having heard the unmastered version, It felt like a mixtape record, however, the final master made a big difference, it went from being a generic Hip-Hop with R&B hook record to something that was actually created from scratch, producer Polow Da Don (Nas – Hero, Fergie – Glamorous), sampled his favourite 50 cent line, “Have A Baby By Me..Be A Millionaire”, although that dominates the record, I prefer the production itself, the drum beat sounds solid, it has a mid-temp which remains consistent, it never sounds weak or loses its presence at any moment, additional piano offers a more musical feel and really sets you up for the synth based chorus, on which Ne-Yo shines like no other, his vocals really make a difference, it just shows how big these two artists are, you get a sense of their personalities blended, it is a more vunerable 50 cent, something that is unheard of, Ne-Yo offers the balance which fits to the catered beat.

Matching this magic is the video:

Featuring Kelly Rowland as 50’s love interest, they manage to display an on screen chemistry, it is a fairly basic video in the sense of its idea and Ne-Yo having a seperate black screen scene, however the quality manages to provide a much needed appeal, you see 50 Cent in a way you have not before, he portrays a more personal side, it draws a lot of interest into the artist and as a whole completes a well contrasting video.

Kelly and Curtis on set of Baby By Me

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50 Cent – Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo

This one has yet to grow on me, this could be one of those cases where a visual is needed, simply as it is something different from both artists, it is a heavyweight collaboration, I guess that is my problem with it, 50 Cent and Ne-Yo, yet the track itself does not represent their status, Fabolous and Ne-Yo – Make Me Better had a far greater impact, this however feels rushed and a desperation move from 50 to get his name back on the top, surprisingly it has fallen, the likes of Drake, Kanye and Lil’ Wayne have all remained consistent, Jay-Z has even re-instated his position with Blueprint 3, Eminem proved that he is still one of the best and so the pressure really is on 50 Cent to deliver, this however is not a good attempt.

Did Rick Ross damage 50s career??

Did Rick Ross damage 50's career??

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Mario – Break Up ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett

After gaining major recognition worldwide with his single ‘Let Me Love You’ (Written by a then unknown Ne-Yo), Mario never really managed to maintain his status, issues with the release of his last album did not help. None the less, his talent is unquestionable as he returns putting those problems (including his mother’s drug addiction) behind with his new offering ‘Break Up’.

Produced by Bangladesh (Lil’ Wayne – A Millie and Beyonce – Diva), this R&B cut possesses that old school R&B feel that has been missing whilst sounding brand new, featuring Sean Garret aka The Pen (having written for Usher – Yeah, Chris Brown – Run It and Beyonce – Upgrade U to name a few) and rising underground rapper Gucci Mane (who helps balance the R&B levels with his raw, street style), Break Up will most definitely help push the trio to newer heights, especially Sean Garret who due to a lack of promotion saw the poor sales of his debut effort Turbo 919 (Which is a good album so make sure you check that out).

Mario’s return displays a more mature artist attempting to create good music rather than his next hit, with dedication like this it will not be long before he gets another smash, with Break Up rising in the charts, who knows..he may find it sooner than he thinks.

Fáris Rating:

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Robin Thicke – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Tribute)

I know there have been a few and will be many more tributes to come, One of the most popular is The one with The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy and BoyzIIMen, there is also an amazing one by UK’s own Sway, but the following gives an idea of something I thought of yesterday.

I wondered that rather than refunding the tickets for the 50 shows, would it not be good if the best in the industry performed the classics in tribute, the likes of Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Usher, Ginuwine, Sisqo, Justin Timberlake, Omarion and even Chris Brown, then i began to think which songs they could cover (Who deserves to perform Billie Jean?), then I came across this clip of Robin Thicke singing to Human Nature in tribute and I guess that is the song he could perform, seeing as he does it so well.

Here is another version:

After watching this I think Chris Brown’s voice would be best suited to perform ‘In The Closet’:

But then he has already (sort of) performed Billie Jean (05:18), Although I still think Usher or Ginuwine are more suited:

Let me know what you think, would it be a good idea? ..if so, who would you like to see and covering which song?

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Bluey Robinson – Just Think of Me

There are two versions to this, I personally prefer the live version. The kid has got a voice on him, lyrically this song really makes sense, it has so much feeling to it, in terms of feeling i compare it to Ne-Yo – So Sick, you know how you’re upset but the song helps you accept it and not feel so bad.

This is the live version that was initially a warm up, so imagine what you would hear when he actually records it for real! ..’Think of Me’ like the singer himself has a lot of potential so keep an ear out for both in the near future.

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