50 Cent – Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo (Official Video)

Okay, so here it is, I know when I first heard the record I was fairly scepticle and was not so positive, simply because I expected more, having heard the unmastered version, It felt like a mixtape record, however, the final master made a big difference, it went from being a generic Hip-Hop with R&B hook record to something that was actually created from scratch, producer Polow Da Don (Nas – Hero, Fergie – Glamorous), sampled his favourite 50 cent line, “Have A Baby By Me..Be A Millionaire”, although that dominates the record, I prefer the production itself, the drum beat sounds solid, it has a mid-temp which remains consistent, it never sounds weak or loses its presence at any moment, additional piano offers a more musical feel and really sets you up for the synth based chorus, on which Ne-Yo shines like no other, his vocals really make a difference, it just shows how big these two artists are, you get a sense of their personalities blended, it is a more vunerable 50 cent, something that is unheard of, Ne-Yo offers the balance which fits to the catered beat.

Matching this magic is the video:

Featuring Kelly Rowland as 50’s love interest, they manage to display an on screen chemistry, it is a fairly basic video in the sense of its idea and Ne-Yo having a seperate black screen scene, however the quality manages to provide a much needed appeal, you see 50 Cent in a way you have not before, he portrays a more personal side, it draws a lot of interest into the artist and as a whole completes a well contrasting video.

Kelly and Curtis on set of Baby By Me

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