Basement Jaxx – Scars ft. Meleka, Kelis & Chipmunk

Basement Jaxx return with another out of this world genre-defying single.

This is why Basement Jaxx possess such a strong following within their career to date, they step outside of the generic format to create something unique, again with surprise features, almost as if they recruit the versatile to form a super-team battling through genres, as strange and farfetched as it sounds, it is exactly that, Basement Jaxx like the Chemical Brothers have come through creating a range of diverse material, therefore they are allowed to pass through genres with ease, baring in mind that they do it well.

Scars is a smartly crafted production with its sample embedded within an array of synths, horns and vocals, Meleka leads the vocals and adds her presence perfectly over the beat, Kelis adds another element of strength, emphasising Meleka’s voice whilst ensuring that the song does not become too repetetive and eventually boring, the addition of recent Number 1 selling artist Chipmunk is as powerful as their previous collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, it almost depicts Chipmunk’s position within the industry and he does not dissapoint, he keeps his lyrical content balanced between his raw street edge and his smooth..more mainstream suited tone, “I’ll Kiss You Then You Wake Up, Don’t Want You To Meet Your Maker, and You Don’t Beleive In Fairy Tales..Well Truly I’m Gonna Make Ya”, he also provides the male balance within the vocal arrangement.

Overall, Scars is a more dark sounding effort in comparisons to previous releases, however in time this will gain the recognition it deserves.

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