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Wiley – Take That (Official Video)

The track has been heavily rotated on radio and the video is doing the same on TV, having already gathered over 150,000 views of one video alone (there is this particular one which is taken from Wiley’s own Youtube channel, there are then two more videos courtesy of Universal and Island records’ Youtube channels).

The unique production is courtest of Chew Fu, who fuses Electro, Drum & Bass and Grime to create an edgy up-tempo platform for Wiley to step up a level, Wiley sounds as comfortable and in his zone as ever, Wiley’s lyrical delivery is Grime, sounding like he has a point to prove, whereas the structure itself is more suited for a commercial audience. A clever anthem, as well as a much needed approval to end the year with after this years chart domination from fellow Grime rooted artists Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder (who makes a cameo as Wiley refers to stryderman in the song) and Chipmunk, Wiley is more than an emcee, he has created a legacy in regards to UK urban music, with many strongly beleiving that Wiley should have been where Dizzee Rascal is a long time ago, however everything happens for a reason, each artist has their position, While Dizzee Rascal plays his role in diluting if not ending stereotypes, Wiley has helped build a large family of talent, continously bringing through new artists, such as recent Number 1 chart topper..Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder has always been tipped for success by Wiley himself, therefore I beleive many do not give Wiley the respect and acknowledgement he deserves, those who feel that he has fallen off, should listen to the lyrics clearly as he is speaking to you.

Wiley has stepped up the work rate and this is the first single from his forthcoming album, he has a new record deal, a new motivation it seems and definitely expect quality new music for a man who will forever be known as a pioneer in defining a sound that the UK can call their own.

The video, like the song is unique, it is has a dark essence to it whilst mixing lighting and colour to maximize effect and emphasis, the effects work well and overall Take That possesses an epic element, a track certainly deserving of support especially from the UK, if this record makes it to number 1, it will bridge the success of this year with the success to come in the next one.

Wiley - Take That ..Available to purchase December 28th!!

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Griminal – Invincible (Official Video)

After Dizzee, Came Tinchy Stryder, following him was Chipmunk, all successfully topping the charts, stepping up next to continue this new tradition is UKs favourite bad boy Griminal, this is the first single, Invincible:

A lot of people have criticized Griminal for ‘going mainstream’, however even more people are supporting the move and feel that he has managed to maintain more of a Grime essence than the previous three’s chart topping records all together, so not only are old fans remaining ever loyal..he is gaining a whole new range of fans (100,000 views within 3 days).

I like the track, Its catchy in a raw sort of way, I really like the beat, its just got a nice vibe to it and its crisp quality balances with Griminal’s raw delivery, lyrically, the Narsty crew saviour is far more talented, thing is, if he was to get too lyrical on this record..it would just go over many people’s heads and if Griminal wants to walk through that mainstream door then he has to be smart about it, despite what people say, Chipmunk’s debut album ‘I Am Chipmunk’ had pop-glazed singles kept within an urban casing and a Grime core, it was responded to as Grime/Pop, genre-merging is essential in any chart, 50 Cent is set to release an album more violent than his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’, however the first two singles are ‘Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo’ and ‘Do You Think About Me’, so rather than losing faith, people should show support and spend a mere 79p on the single, it saves you time on finding a good quality version of the file too and you won’t go to hell (lol).

The video, directed by Carly Cusson, is a good look, it is not an amazing video but it is not a poor video either, I think it offers good visuals for the record, featuring a cameo from the beautiful and talented Mz Bratt (I think she should jump on the beat and do an official remix, although that would create even more rumours), the chemistry is good, both seem to be good actors so it seems music is not their only avenue, I love the fact that Griminal is allowed the freedom to be himself, it is a contrast to Chipmunk, who I guess many will pair up as rivals, but truthfully both are mature enough to use that to their advantage rather than develop issues off the mic, the future looks good for the scene as there is just so much talent, best of luck to Griminal, make sure you support him, because once we dominate the charts here, then we can spread the success globally ..UK Stand Up

GrimInAl Ways - coming 2010

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Basement Jaxx – Scars ft. Meleka, Kelis & Chipmunk

Basement Jaxx return with another out of this world genre-defying single.

This is why Basement Jaxx possess such a strong following within their career to date, they step outside of the generic format to create something unique, again with surprise features, almost as if they recruit the versatile to form a super-team battling through genres, as strange and farfetched as it sounds, it is exactly that, Basement Jaxx like the Chemical Brothers have come through creating a range of diverse material, therefore they are allowed to pass through genres with ease, baring in mind that they do it well.

Scars is a smartly crafted production with its sample embedded within an array of synths, horns and vocals, Meleka leads the vocals and adds her presence perfectly over the beat, Kelis adds another element of strength, emphasising Meleka’s voice whilst ensuring that the song does not become too repetetive and eventually boring, the addition of recent Number 1 selling artist Chipmunk is as powerful as their previous collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, it almost depicts Chipmunk’s position within the industry and he does not dissapoint, he keeps his lyrical content balanced between his raw street edge and his smooth..more mainstream suited tone, “I’ll Kiss You Then You Wake Up, Don’t Want You To Meet Your Maker, and You Don’t Beleive In Fairy Tales..Well Truly I’m Gonna Make Ya”, he also provides the male balance within the vocal arrangement.

Overall, Scars is a more dark sounding effort in comparisons to previous releases, however in time this will gain the recognition it deserves.

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Black The Ripper – My Lyrics are Forever

During a recent trip to New York, I asked the locals which artists in the UK they knew about, I wanted if they have the same exposure that we have of their artists. The majority knew of Tim Westwood and used words to describe him that I can’t really say but you get the point, Dizzee Rascal it seems is the most famous prospect over there, I was hoping someone would say Wretch 32 or Ghetts, however that was not the case, for ages we have had Hip-Hop dedicated radio shows, our own awards ceremony ‘the Brits’ and ‘Mobo’ give out awards to more overseas artists than homegrown, the likes of Tinchy Stryder(that was before the recent awards) Ndubz and Chipmunk are changing that I agree, however if we can know about the likes of Currency, Wiz Khalifa and Slaughterhouse here in the UK then why do they not know of our talent?

There are a few reasons, their population is far larger which means more rappers, so everybody is too busy following what is ‘hot’ rather than having a real passion and allowing themselves to be naturaly inspired by a wide variety of influences. The Duo of Mega and Mayhem, better known as SAS were another name I heared a fair bit, could be due to their once affiliation with Dipset and Rocafella records, or just the fact that they have put the work in over there.

This article/review is to silence anyone who argues that the UK does not possess the talent or the fact that it is because of our dialect, as Americans have a different accent to us yet for years we have been listening and supporting.

After hearing this track, I felt the same feeling that I would get from listening to Wu-Tang, or even Rakim, Black the Ripper aka Samson takes it back, the production is Hip-Hop, it possesses the feeling of a classic, the potential is amazing, A real music fan anywhere in the world can appreciate this, Black the Ripper is talented and is clearly not phased by the problems many face to progress into mainstream, he celebrates the idea of being underground, using the internet to reach his audiences, he has come a long way through his own hard work and ambition, expect to hear a lot more of this artist because real talent can never be denied!

Fáris Rating:

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Over 1 Million myspace views!!

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Bashy – Your Wish Is My Command ft. H-Boogie

Bashy - Catch Me If You Can (OUT NOW)

Bashy - Catch Me If You Can (OUT NOW)

From the first listening of his new album ‘Catch Me If You Can’ it was evident that Bashy was trying to make a point, in an attempt to satisfy everyone and broaden his range of audience he created an eclectic album, those that followed Bashy’s rise obviously knew that the album would not be a dominantely grime album, he has always stood out for being witty and entertaining in a comical way, he sustained his presence in grime with the track (and video) Ransom (featuring Wretch 32 & Scorcher). Bashy then created a mini-anthem in the form of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Your Wish Is My Command featuring H-Boogie (Estelle’s sister) was one of the tracks that stood out in the album as able to cross-over, its merged sounds and styles allowed it to cross over into different genres for more people to enjoy.

The beat itself is a techno meets funk saying hi to pop somewhere along the journey, Bashy gives the track it’s urban relevance, it is obvious that Bashy intended to create a feel-good fun song and I can see this doing well, as for the video, I think it’s funny, it is different, it has comical value, it stands out and should not have any trouble receiving play on TV, the track itself should become a regular on radio, fans sometimes do not understand how hard it is to please everyone, some fans would like to see urban artists continue to make ‘underground’ music, but in order to be successful as an artist and gain mainstream credibility, they have to extend their range, Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder for example. With ‘Your Wish Is My Command’, Bashy has tried to create an overall feeling, it is urban, both artists represent urban alternative, Bashy is not singing, he is rapping, it is just a creative piece of expression, I personally visioned a futuristic video for the song, in all honesty I do not think the current video fully justifies the track, but it is hilarious to watch.

Bashy has always been ‘different’ coming up as an artist, where most emcees would stick to underground then make the pop transition, Bashy has always had these elements to him so it is no surprise. Your Wish Is My Command will do well for him, he boasts a lively character and the video portrays that well.

Fáris Rating:

I guess trying to keep every fan happy can be a bit stressful!

I guess trying to keep every fan happy can be a bit stressful!

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Wise words of wisdom with Megaman (So Solid)

With artists like Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Wiley and Chipmunk dominating the charts, the urban scenes are buzzing as more doors are opened, at the same time I think people should understand the originators, the pioneers who first turned that door handle, such as More Fire and before that, probably the biggest urban movement in the UK, the So Solid Crew.

During a recent video shoot, I had a chat with Megaman, who humble as ever explained his dream, desire and dedication, a man who has accomplished so much in terms of music and business, I felt it was only right that we share more wise words of wisdom from the So Solid captain himself (Along with Ozzie B).

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