Rihanna – Hard ft. Young Jeezy

Okay, so in all honesty I have not paid the most attention to Rihanna’s return, simply because I want everyone to silence all the talk regarding her personal life, concentrate on the music. I heard Russian Roulette and I felt like I knew that was coming, however I came across this song and found myself listening to it over and over again.

This was different, I did not expect this, it feels inspirational, I can actually feel Rihanna’s honesty in this record, she wants everybody to listen, she has her own style, its grown, its sexy, its confident and still it remains fun rather than serious, produced by Tricky Steward and the Dream, this is another hit for sure, with the added feature of Mr Inspiration himself Young Jeezy, the song manages to appeal to a broder audience, it has the feel of Run This Town which you all heard and saw how successful it was.

The production is important as it possesses such a powerful feeling to it, the hard drums are kept subdued…so you feel them without them having to stand out, the guitar takes a lead but it blends with synths creating a lazer like melody racing over the beat, as Rihanna comfortably maintains her composure and dominates with her vocals (effortlessly). Young Jeezy delivers a typical emphatic verse, with accompanied adlibs, he makes his presence without overshadowing Rihanna, it gives the track more depth and increases it’s raw appeal.

I hope a good video is created to accompany this to the top of the charts, as an even stronger Rihanna returns to elevate her career to new heights.

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