Dream Mclean

Having heard the young emcee and then seeing his video for Experiment Gone Wrong, I was quick to review and full of positives, I tipped the emcee to make the step to artist and begin pushing his career even further, he has everything, people just need to listen.

Fast forward towards the end of the year and he recently went on DJ Cameo’s 1Xtra radio show alongside producer Terror Danjah, this is what happend:

Since then, there has been a buzz circulating and he is being exposed to more people each day, I have to admit, I am really proud of him, still a while away from fulfulling his potential but really glad that people are starting to take notice.

Next up, this freestyle:

His talent is speaking volumes as he approaches each new platform, the toughest thing sometimes is that I cannot help these talents as much as I would like to, however in the form of Terror Danjah who is responsible for spotting a lot of the talent within the scene has taken Dream Mclean under his wing, which he will definitely benefit from, he has the talent, sound and image, combined with hard work, he is destined for success.

Make sure you visit Dream Mclean’s Official Myspace where you can download his mixtape for FREE.

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