Devlin – Giant

One of the ‘realest’ artists in the UK scene, continues to make his mark on a mainstream level with this new release:

Something different, as far as production, but Devlin manages to maintain his own style that fans will be pleased to hear, complete with complicated lyricism, Devlin shines on this polished underground-sounding crossover effort, I think it allows new fans to not judge his content on the intensity of the beat, therefore he will no doubt have all the attention on his lyrics, which will no doubt gain him more fans, an overall good song, no doubt, easing himself onto a higher platform as a more inspirational emcee, one the UK should definitely be proud of.

The video is good, it has an epic feel to it and introduces Devlin nicely, featuring cameos from Ghetto and Griminal, this video can do the Dagenham soldier no harm as he rises to further prominence.

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