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Devlin – Giant

One of the ‘realest’ artists in the UK scene, continues to make his mark on a mainstream level with this new release:

Something different, as far as production, but Devlin manages to maintain his own style that fans will be pleased to hear, complete with complicated lyricism, Devlin shines on this polished underground-sounding crossover effort, I think it allows new fans to not judge his content on the intensity of the beat, therefore he will no doubt have all the attention on his lyrics, which will no doubt gain him more fans, an overall good song, no doubt, easing himself onto a higher platform as a more inspirational emcee, one the UK should definitely be proud of.

The video is good, it has an epic feel to it and introduces Devlin nicely, featuring cameos from Ghetto and Griminal, this video can do the Dagenham soldier no harm as he rises to further prominence.

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Ghetts – Skadoosh ft. Maxsta & Dolla Da Dustman

While 2009 saw some positivity with many urban artists breaking through into the charts, it also saw the negative with many artists being blackballed, Giggs prevailed and recently signed a contract with XL recordings, so there is hope and nobody deserves some mainstream recognition than of the elite emcees in the Grime scene..Ghetts.

Here is the new video for Skadoosh ft. Maxsta & Dolla Da Dustman:

As a fan of Ghetts, you beleive in his talent and you cannot help but to expect nothing but the best, so at first instance this track deceives those expectations, however this strangely allows you to focus more on Ghetts and his flow really provides the track with much needed depth, Ghetts reaches out to up and coming emcee Maxsta (also from East London) as well as long time collaborator and friend Dolla, both features deliver, Maxsta (who is one of the artists I tipped last year after hearing one of his sets) has progressed well since, now working with some of the best in the scene, this track is an obvious example of his development thus far, with Dolla stepping up to lay down his opinions to those who feel he has fallen off. The video is a light hearted portrayal of the artists within a dark themed set, featuring a host of cameos including appearances from Mz Bratt, Devlin and Griminal, the video is directed by Digital Dan, who uses his abilities to capture the right vibe and offer the track a matching visual.

Skadoosh is taken from the forthcoming mixtape ‘Calm Before The Storm’, which will then set you up for the new album, ‘Rebel With A Cause’, so look out for more from Ghetts (aka Ghetto) as he looks set to start the year off his way.

This image shows how far the scene has come..

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Rapid – Go (Preview)

Ruff Sqwad’s producer/artist Rapid, famous for producing numerous hits for the likes of fellow Ruff Sqwad member and two time Number 1 chart topper Tinchy Stryder, as well as Underground legend such as Ghetto is launching his own solo attack on the scene, originally an emcee, not many people know that he is as prolific on the mic as he is behind the beats, Rapid answers the critics with this preview:

A video has been shot as you can see from the snap shots within the video, look out for a lot of quality from one of the UKs elite producers and now set to fully establish himself as an artist.

Also, look out for his clothing line Hooze Redi ..coming soon


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With a line up being called the England 10, Wiley returns to take some of the Grime scene’s finest back up with him.

The England 10 consists of J2K, Wrigley, Ice-Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Griminal, 9 of the 10 are established artists, Wrigley is a new addition, representing Manchester (Wrigley is actually flying the flag for every artist outside of the London) and has one of the standout verses, J2K returns to the scene with his Wake Up EP and brings his witty flow to this up-tempo hit, Ice-Kid was always considered the future of Grime and so he brings that talent and charisma to the table with this verse, Wretch 32 is one of the best (if not the best) lyricist in the country (his previous album Wretchrospective is a OneFáris Classic), he provides a mature verse, Ghetts is in everybodies Top 3 artists and does not dissapoint, Bashy provides the comical verse, Scorcher (who also directed the video) gives a more fun, feel-good flow, Chipmunk provides yet another confident verse whilst Griminal scores the goal with his verse which is all about the vibe, the video represents this, you can see how everyone is getting along and enjoying themselves, most definitely a club banger and a big part of Grime history, UK music history even as these artists come together to make their mark, extremely unselfish of Wiley.

Artists have begun to understand that coming together and collaborating is what helps elevate the scene further, so expect to see more artists working together creating quality music.

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Ghetts – Don’t Phone Me (Remix) ft. Lil’ Narsty & Fumin’

This one is a definite smash for the Grime fans!

You have most likely heard the original, Ghetts – Don’t Phone Me ft. Griminal:

The track featuring the comical intro by comedian on the rise Jazzie, tore down raves (literally), as Ghetts (an established artist) introduced a broader audience to the beast of an emcee ‘Griminal’, the track was on heavy rotation on Channel AKA and was one of the most asked for tracks during their request shows. Similar to the original, this remix brings Griminal’s younger brother Lil’ Narsty alongside one of East London’s finest (Newham to be exact) Fumin’.

Don’t Phone Me (Remix) ft. Lil’ Narsty & Fumin’:

One of the best things about the original is the fact that you had one of the best in the genre in the form of Ghetts alongside one of the new breeds destined for future success, this has been kept in the remix with Griminal’s younger brother Lil’ Narsty steps up with Fumin’ (famously heard on the mainstream breakthrough anthem that is Pow), emceeing since his teens, now at 23, Fumin’ is still considered too young to be considered a veteran but established and experienced he is. Both artists deliver quality, Lil’ Narsty shows glimpses of the potential that has everyone believing in him abilities and success in the near future. I’m a fan of Fumin’ so it was great to hear and see him at his best, sounding hungrier than ever, Fumin’ and Lil’ Narsty both do themselves and their reputations justice with this collaboration.

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Mr Wizzy Wow

When I hear a new track and I hear the trademark “Mr Wizzy Wow“, I know the track is going to be good, for years the young producer and artist has been providing us with outstanding beats, from the movement classic ‘Used To Be’ to Wretch 32’s ‘Be Cool’, the man formerly known as Y.Wizz is one of the top producers in the country, now he steps out as artist too, this track titled ‘Million ft. Wretch 32’ is a perfect example of what this talent is about, new, innovative and the definition of fresh.

Wizzy Wow
, Born in Sweden, lived in Luton for over 2 years before finding home in Tiverton (Tottenham) North London. “Repping the UK hard”, Wizzy produces for all genres as he ascends in a bid to, “reach the top to put his peoples on”, When asked to describe his sound in one word, the hitmaker simply replied, “Spacey”.

Expect to hear more from the out of this word talent.

Wretch 32 – Used To Be ft. Mercston, Ghetto & Scorcher

Wretch 32 – Be Cool ft. Wizzy Wow


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DaVinChe – Riding For Love ft. Cleo Sol & Bashy

Considered by many as the country’s best producer, DaVinChe offers us yet another anthem with Riding For Love.

Featuring Cleo Sol & Bashy, Riding For Love is set to be a smash if not justify DaVinChe’s position at the top, Cleo Sol (as heard on Tinie Tempah – Tears) is another talent on the rise and really puts her twist on his track, her voice has a presence and really makes the song her own in a way, Bashy provides a charismatic verse that touches the subject whilst being light-hearted, it fits the song well. After hearing Riding For Love, I am looking forward to hearing more from DaVinChe.

Fáris Rating:

Along with Riding For Love, DaVinChe has another version, another anthem but this time for the streets.

Rider ft. Keedo, Steelo, Ghetts & JME:

Personally, Ghetts stole the show with his verse, which to be honest is expected from one of the best the UK has to offer, Keedo was impressive with a sharp flow and witty rhyme, JME delivered as always and helped round the track up nicely, I feel that the beat has not been fully justified but none the less it is a good blend of artists and will no doubt be well received.

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Wretch 32 – Ina Di Ghetto ft. Badness & Ghetts

Taken from my album of 2008, Wretchrospective, I still say this song is underrated, i still feel that Wretch 32 and this song did not get the recognition it deserves.

When i first saw the video I was like “it could be so much better”, but then as you watch it a few more times, like Wretch’s lyrics, sometimes the real meaning can go over your head, directed by Jack Frsh (The guys at Frsh are setting the standards), The video shows the harsh lives, we feel that it is tough growing up in certain parts of England, we have it far better than those who really live in poverty, we have the luxuries that they can only dream of.

Back to the track, Ina Di Ghetto, produced by Maniac is a demon of a beat, I still remember the first time I heard it, it was just a snippet and that snippet ended up being on repeat!

Wretch 32 as always, on point with his lyrics and delivery, “Cah everyones big wit hard-weight, now everyone thinks they’re scarface, it gets fizzy when they’re plans evoke, and they end up in the can for coke..i hope they 7-up”, when I heard that, I went back a few times like “Did he actually say that?”, the whole track is full of metaphors that only someone of Wretch 32’s calibur can create.

Badness adds more than just a hook, he brings in a whole new dimension to the track and it would not have the same effect without him, the next feature is probably Grime’s underground King, Ghetts (Formerly known as Ghetto), Wretch is not wrong when he says “I’m in the ghetto like Justin’s Yard, matter fact..Justin’s Heart”, I think it was only right to have Ghetts feature, “I been up since the crack of dawn, I ain’t Aaliyah but i’m back and forth, and even wit the heat by my side somehow i still manage to catch cold..”, You take one of the best beats in the country, put two of the best artists to ever come out of the country and what do you expect, like the album, Ina Di Ghetto is a classic, I still hold hope for a remix with the likes of Scorcher, Calibur and Giggs, but that’s just a fans dream i guess. In the mean time reality is tough and like the song hits hard.

Make you check out more of Wretch 32’s material if you’re not familiar with him already.

the classic album Wretchrospective is in stores now!

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Pure Badness!!

2008 saw the release of Wretchrospective from Wretch 32, on that classic was a Diamond of a track by the name of ‘Ina Di Ghetto‘, it featured Grime veteran Ghetto aka Ghetts and Birmingham’s own ‘Badness

Although both the Wretchroboy and Ghetts were on point and delivered quality as expected over the Maniac produced monster track, Badness offered the most catchy part with his delivery of the chorus, since then Badness has been working hard pushing his name and quality music to the public’s ears. Now 2009, I personally did not know what to expect from Badness, a recent appearance on Radio 1’s Tim Westwood show helped establish Badness as a serious artist with a serious talent!

Tracks such as ‘I Know This Girl’, ‘Split Personality’ and ‘Take The Title’ (Available to hear at www.myspace.com/badnessmc) show his array of ability vocally as well as his lyrical skill.

Badness is an animated artist on the mic, blending strong culture, street life, making it enjoyable and without a doubt entertaining.

With the ‘PA/LAVA Eruption’ project out on the 16th of March (Go Cop that!!), Badness will cement his place as one to watch as he continues his rise to the top with his fusion based music, a pioneer even, I can see Badness help many similar artists get the attention and recognition that they need.

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