Young Spray – More Champagne

Mr Realer Than Most has not taken his foot off the pedal, following up his Roadside G’s collab, Rat-At-At-At, with More Champagne..

One of his better tracks, since the breakthrough Amen, More Champagne is less your typical party riddim and more so a retrospective cut, as he washes his pain away with the bubbly. It’s a celebratory anthem, as he gives thanks for life, whilst paying homage and his respects to those he has lost along the way. Drowning his sorrows in champagne, it’s another honest insight for someone who’s last album was titled Invisible Tears. Amidst the crud talk, Spray has really been redefining ‘gangsta’, with his open and transparent rhymes, you get a sense of the emotion he pours out as well as how he may cope with it (emphasising his title as one of the realest).

This will definitely go down well within a live performance, as it’s within context of what you would expect from him but also has that strong party essence. Hopefully DJ’s recognise it’s appeal and spin it within their sets as that would justify it further.

If you fuck with it then make sure you hit subscribe on his YouTube channel as he continues to put the work in.


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One thought on “Young Spray – More Champagne

  1. […] but the tape overall. Back to the greaze with Savages, a lowkey underground banger, setting up for More Champagne, which rightfully sits in the middle, and is a great idea of where Young Spray is with his music, […]

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