Wiz Khalifa – Something New ft. Ty Dolla $ign

It’s finally here.

Having teased the record on social media for some time now, Khalifa man drops the anticipated Something New ft. Ty Dolla $ign.

The chorus is really what carries the song, with many initially thinking it was Ty’s record, before he released Love U Better, and to be fair, this would have been far greater of an option than his current single, and the argument could be made that Wiz picked one of the best for himself, but at the same time, we know full well that once the rollout begins, and the visuals drop, Wiz’s stardom will only help propel this record further and many in the know are aware as Ty Dolla $ign has showed us consistently that he can churn these hits out on a regular. More on the track itself, it’s cool Wiz, like we’ve come to know, with his current relationship in the limelight, and the assisted social media campaign, the track is relevant and you can expect for all platforms to pick it up. Produced by Hitmaka (aka Yung Berg), who is really beginning to dictate the sound of late, it’s just such a laid back, easy listening joint, and will only grow stronger upon each listen.

With the audio racking up over a million plays in under 4 days, the official video is released, filled with some beautiful ladies and some big name cameos, from Demi Lovato down to Jamie Foxx, though visually top notch, the concept goes a bit left. It might be because I was thinking or hoping for Wiz to maybe focus it around his relationship, with their matching ensembles really getting a lot of attention, I just thought something along those lines, with the two would really follow up the snaps that somewhat raised the profile for the track, but instead, the pretty ladies are running game as they steal from the guests, including Juicy J, G-Eazy & Jason Derulo (to name a few). Close to half a mill within 24 hours, and it’s only going to continue further..

With a new album on the way, the Taylor Gang boss has got himself a sure hit to kick off his new album with, and we can expect a blend of this new maturity with the wildness for a dope audio experience.

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Lowkey – Ghosts of Grenfell ft. Mai Khalil

“Did they die or us?”

With the tragic events that took place, the Grenfell tower in a blaze, innocents families trapped, helpless, the powers that be have yet to really take blame or accept any fault, let alone help or show remorse. Understandably that the inquest continues, and though policies and procedures are in effect, it’s still something that often has us questioning humanity. A sad day as public attempted to help, but none the less, there have been reports of coverups and false information being put out through the media, with the death toll considered far greater than the numbers initially released.

Rapper and activist, Lowkey is no stranger to speaking up, especially using his ability and platform to raise awareness and help make a difference, happened to live opposite, and not only witnessed, but lost acquaintances to the horrific incident. While he continues to assist in putting the pressure and bringing some form of justice, he pours his soul out with this lyrical tribute..

In no ways attempting to capitalise or profit from the situation, the heartfelt song’s visuals do not feature him, but rather the community emphasising the emphatic words. One of the positives (if we can even see it as such) was seeing the community of various ethnicities and religions bonding together, and the visuals here help portray that. Though it contains a verse and a chorus over instrumentation, this really is another step in raising awareness and demanding justice, for the souls lost. With the gripping ending as you hear the community call for the whereabouts of the people, including children who have had their futures snatched away, for what?!

It is a statement of a record, and highlights the questions that need to be answered. Endless respect for Lowkey, blessings and prayers for the fallen, featuring the angelic vocals of Mai Khalil, the track really captures the every essence of what has been endured by the community and the pain of the friends and families, whilst serving as an honourable mention for the true selfless heroes.

“The blood is on your hands, there’ll be ashes on your grave, like a phoenix we will rise”

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Mike GLC – Behind Barz

Link Up TV have been on a hot streak with the talents lined up in their Behind Barz series, from Terminator, Reeko Squeeze, and now the veteran wordsmith and hustler, Mike GLC

Most of the younger audiences may have heard his name surrounding the Tulisa drama, but that shit is irrelevant when you realise rapper has actual classics to his name, from ‘Channel U’ days, with tracks like My Life and Make It Home. With that recognisable deep voice with the drawl, he carved his own style, and though of recent he has been more active as an entrepreneur (including his Hit Men Sagas comic), he returns for a fourth edition with a lot to get off his chest. The OG starts it off addressing whoever it applies to, with some real guidance, before an acapella that borderlines into spoken word, with his poetic take on some real experiences based off the street life and eulogies.

There has always been potential for Mike GLC to go further, creating music with authenticity and substance, and so I’m hopeful that there’s more to come.

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Manga St Hilaire – Shell ft. Grim Sickers

Following the abstract visuals for Young, Manga releases the video for the Grim Sickers featured, Shell

“Make the ting pop like it’s tryna chart..”

More of a performance based visual, it’s simplicity in shots with the addition of animation on top, somewhat compliment much like the track itself, with it’s lyrical content being the standout, anything more might distract from that, and so with a couple decent aesthetic shots, director Saoud Khalaf is able to bring the track to life without overdoing it, and more importantly, utilising the location and weather, with some decent editing to give us a clear, crisp visual overall.

Big up Manga, continuing to deliver to his fans, and check out his recent and received, Outbursts From The Outskirts EP

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RNC – All Out ft. Tippa Dior & Wizzy Wow

Newcomer RNC gets quite the introduction, as the Tottenham rapper links up with Wizzy Wow, who handles the hook duties as well as providing the catchy synth-heavy production. All Out also reunites us with the underrated Tippa Dior, as the trip state their ambitions..

RNC with his vocal presence looks to establish himself, with this boasy cut, whilst Tippa flexes his lyrical prowess, neatly structured with the infectious Wizzy Wow chorus. The production alone really sets this track apart from most tracks, something Wizzy is no stranger to, and allows RNC to drop a lil’ fly flow with the pyrex raps. They should definitely stay working together, as the three compliment each other with their styles and sounds.

Tottenham continues to flourish, with an array of talent already out and more to come, with these guys up there in the mix of whats hot.

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Shaker – Jupiter Freestyle

The Baker returns with this new freestyle..

Entitled Jupiter, Shaker drops some out of this world bars, as one of the most critically acclaimed lyricists on the come up. Even with a couple videos, a hard body mixtape and features, Shaker has managed to develop a loyal fanbase, as proven turning up to each of Pak-Man’s shows, to witness the rapper in the flesh during his supporting act duties, he stepped out to crowds cheering before rapping word for word to his Power verse.

Speaking to him after the show, he stated his intentions to keep at it, though evident he was in transition, and Jupiter highlights that very statement, as the self proclaimed, “Trapper of the year”, looks to step further into the artistry and it’s rewards, “had enough of bandos, need a couple millions, need to get a lambo..that’s yellow like the minions”. The potent lines continues to flow throughout the track.

With his raw delivery, and emphatic punchlines, Shaker is certainly shaking up the block as he continues to whip up more dope for your ears.

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Dave East – Slow Down ft. Jazzy Amra

New York’s chosen one has been enjoying quiet the ascension, becoming the ladies favourite, he’s beginning to propel to a whole new level of stardom, however, the quality of his music, nor the quantity has suffered, as he drops another lil’ gem to vibe to..

With Slow Down, Dave takes the role of big bro, and shares some insights on the laid back track, pushing the motivational raps, he really steps into his own and is able to give us something relevant with no need to conform or switch things up. Featuring the young Jazzy Amra, who herself does not disappoint in the slightest, if anything, she only bolsters the cut with her catchy hook, and I’m certainly checking for more from the clearly talented singer/songwriter.

While Dave East is still up and coming, it’s as if he can do no wrong, with his Def Jam debut on the way, he has clearly put himself in a great position as he continues to solidify his status as one of the premier lyricists in the game. (Shout out Wayno, as he clearly has his finger on the pulse with these acts).

Paranoia: A True Story, Out 18th August


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Quiñ – Sticky Situation ft. Syd

The Galacticat returns with a new visual (following the release of I’m Good), for her collaboration with The Internet’s lead Syd. Sticky Situation pairs the two vocalists together as they sing over the wavy Krysshun production.

It’s a fairly relatable record, with a theme that is common to some extent, but they really make it so much more than that. Many are familiar with Syd’s beautiful vocals, captivating us as part of The Internet, whilst Quiñ is steadily rising as one of the most distinct talents around, with her soulful tone, both provide a sensual take, on this wavy production, courtesy of the dream girl’s longtime collaborator. There is not much required to be said in all honesty, as the two songstresses with voices as beautiful as their auras unite for an upbeat, feel-good record.

The video, directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, captures Quiñ’s evident beauty (accentuated by outfit choices), with a female love interest, which I liked, and feel odd pointing out as I like it for it’s normality, even if it does happen to be a rare occurrence. With her Dream Girl EP on it’s way, and Galactica still a fan favourite, this will definitely raise more interest, as fans hope for more visuals and sensual vibes for our satisfaction.

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Donnie – Running

The Prime boy drops a new money counting banger, with Running

With Prime’s frontman being underrated, you can imagine how it is for the rest of the clique, as Canada’s Quavo has been dominating for a while now, solo and on features (such as the Jimmy and Smoke Dawg collab, Humana), comes through with this new cut. A collaborative production effort from Richie Souf, Amir Jamm & 416 Small, the midtempo track with it’s layers sets the vibe for Donnie to run through the beat as he does with his money.  It’s a trap banger, with themes of the plug, fancy trips and thumbing through the money as he counts his profits up. Sung like a love song the way he emphasises with his tone, and it works, as it can easily be transitioned as such, the way it’s lyrically structured. Making a catchy song is one thing, continuously is another, and Donnie is no stranger to that.

Look out for more in the near future, as they Prime boys continue to build their fanbases, establish the brand and gain the accolades that their abilities deserve.

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Lady Leshurr – #UNLESHED 3 (Humble Freestyle)

The leading female rapper’s coronation clearly continues, as she flips Kendrick’s leading single for the third instalment in her #Unleshed series.

I’m always full of praise for the Birmingham rapper, because she did what many couldn’t, and without conforming. At one point she was overlooked for a variety of reasons, nobody considered her a front runner amongst the women, let alone in general, and while so many of her competition faded away or gave up, she kept going. There was a large period where she was only the female rapper putting music out, and not to knock anyone else’s strife, but in reality she outworked the guys, and connected with an audience that paid her attention whilst so many of us did not. Now enjoying the fruits of that labour, she has only gone on to work even harder as she looks to continue the success, and so she flips the K.Dot single with her own style, full of that wit and charm with which she has captivated millions, she boasts more, with that evident confidence and rightfully so, as she basically levels with Kendrick with tricky flows of her own. She gets a little personal too towards the end, amongst the jokes, she shares more of her feelings, giving more insight into what to possibly expect from the upcoming (highly anticipated) EP.

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