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Bow Wow – Can I Be Your Man ft. Lil’ Wayne

Since Bow Wow is now Lil’ Wayne’s label mate having recently signed to Cash Money records, these collaborations are expected, I’ve heard three tracks since he signed and this is the best one of all, the first was ok, second was the apparent first single ‘Every Other’ (produced by Cool & Dre), which has Bow sounding more like Drake, with a distinct Drake flow and lyricism, a good effort but the obvious comparisons do shadow the song’s positives, I think it is more so because Bow Wow is talented and the song did not justify that talent. Can I Be Your Man, however is a far better track, with or without the star feature.

The validity of this track cannot be confirmed, none the less it is a good song, a promising insight in what to expect from Bow Wow and Cash Money as a whole. Also, if nobody has realised all ready, this track seems to be about his previous lady, miss Angela Simmons, even if it is not, Bow Wow has taken his experiences in stride of his maturity and put together an honest and ‘real’ record.

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Wiz Khalifa – Get Some

Wiz Khalifa has been extremely consistent with his music, he has not received the same exposure as the likes of Wale and Drake, however, with their success creating intrest in the younger artists, Khalifa’s consistency has kept him prominent and in line to get the respect and acknowledgement that he deserves.

Get Some is a good example of Wiz Khalifa, the beat is diverse, the chorus is more of a dance sound with a pitch-altered sample, whereas the main body of the track is a modern electro meets hip-hop base on which he does not hesitate to get lyrical, but this track is more about feeling than talent so he does hold back.

Wiz Khalifa is who the likes of Bow Wow and Soulja Boy aim to be, somebody who is ‘cool’, accepted by a variety of audiences, You can see the impact he has had on Soulja Boy, I say that because Wiz Khalifa has been around for a while, just underground and I guess with Soulja Boy being a mainstream artist, he is making it acceptable for someone like Wiz to breakthrough.

This track is not the best I have heard, but it is different, something that relates to the artist Wiz Khalifa himself.

A song more representing Khalifa’s presence as an emcee is Dreamer:

Click image to visit his myspace to hear more..

Click image to visit his myspace to hear more..

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