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“It’s a MotherF*@%in’ Slaughterhouse”

Having already introduced the collective to you with their previous record ‘Move On’, it is time for people to be reminded as they have released their debut album.

For the Hip-Hop fans, Nas’ statement that “Hip-Hop is Dead” has been proved false with the rise of this collective, Take four hungry and extremely underated artists and put them together, the result is Slaughterhouse, consisting of Long Beach’s Crooked I (once Death Row rapper, undeniably talented but looked over when they mention LA’s best), Royce Da 5’9 (Detroit representative, most notably the only person rapper to cause Eminem any problem lyrically, Joe Budden (Mr Pump It Up was left frustrated after his record label attempted to dominate his career marketing him as a softer more pop sounding rapper) and Joell Ortiz (the NY beast who was initially signed to Dr Dre’s Aftermath imprint).

The story is simple, they came to prominance thanks to their talent but then politics and outside issues forced them to part ways with their labels, whilst working on his solo album, Joe Budden recruited the three other members as features on his track titled ‘Slaughterhouse’

The feeling of this song was so monumental, in a genre that is full of ‘beefs’ and conflicts, to have four talented emcees comes together and to do it so well, there was something epic about it, focussing on the phrase “strength in numbers”, the four came together once again, this time to prove their worth in the industry. It has worked so far, if you’re a Joe Budden fan then you have now been exposed to Ortiz, Crooked and Royce, and likewise if you were a Crooked I fan, you are now introduced to the other three members, who all equally deliver with their own unique style. Their debut self titled album is critically acclaimed, a must have for any Hip Hop fan.

Slaughterhouse (The album) ..OUT NOW!

Slaughterhouse (The album) ..OUT NOW!

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Joel Ortiz – Move On (Remix)

What would happen if 4 talented MC’s came together for the love of music?

…That is where Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9 and Crooked I come in, together they form the collective Slaughter House, each has been through his own fare share of situations in regards to acceptance, record labels and life itself, so together they prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

Move On is the first video released by the collective and it is aimed at those that have nothing else to ask but about previous situations, like in Joel Ortiz’s case, his release from Dr Dre’s Aftermath records. Each emcee, talks about their past situation whilst displaying the lyrical ability that sets them apart from your average rapper.

Have a look and tell me who you think took it on this one, for me I would say Crooked I.

Slaughterhouse as a collective and a movement is something refreshing and much needed in Hip-Hop

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