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Whatever the fuck this is – Volume 2

The second instalment to the visual magazine.

Back again, with new music, videos and more. Click the image below to view..


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Whatever The Fuck This Is – Volume 1

“Some sort of visual magazine, featuring some talented people.”

A new non-narrative visual magazine, blending all sorts, inspiration, music, artists and skaters to check for. Volume 1, out now! Check it out, hopefully you fuck with it, if so, Subscribe to the channel and all that good stuff.



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Lee Brasco – Winter Jacket EP

Click the cover below to Download Lee Brasco’s new EP Winter Jacket for FREE

with Winter Jacket, Lee Brasco gives you eleven tracks to stay warm with in the winter weather we’re currently enduring.

OneFaris Favourites:
Track 4. Raise Awareness
Track 5. Music
Track 10. Real Life

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Rapid – GO

Ruff Sqwad’s Rapid has dominated the scene with consistant hits as a producer (as well as producing and featuring on Tinchy Stryder’s Catch 22 album), now he takes it to another level, stepping forward as an artist, presenting Rapid – GO:

GO is the first single taken from his forthcoming album, one of the most hard working musicians, Rapid juggles his career in music alongside a University course as he is currently studying towards a degree, so it is safe to assume that he is focused and determined, the single shows that, not only through his lyrics which are clever and simple to absorb at the same time, the record is inspirational and the choice of instruments and sounds really provide the emphasis for such a feeling. Rapid’s productions are famous for their ‘snares’ and ‘kicks’, the drum patterns are always moving and perfectly placed over a foundation of bass, GO is no different, it is the ideal instrumental for Rapid to introduce himself to a larger demographic.

The video is entertaining with shades of humour, it matches the sound with its raw yet mainstream compatability, directed by Luke Biggins, who uses a range of camera angles edited precisely to the track, this creates the intense feel, you just find yourself engulfed into the entire production. Quality based, this track and video deserves mainstream recognition, radio spins and TV play too. A great effort from the multi-talented artist who despite his success and recognition still remains humble and thankful, this may be the first you’ll hear from him but it certainly will not be the last.

Follow Rapid on Twitter, http://twitter.com/PrinceRapid

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Rapid – Go (Preview)

Ruff Sqwad’s producer/artist Rapid, famous for producing numerous hits for the likes of fellow Ruff Sqwad member and two time Number 1 chart topper Tinchy Stryder, as well as Underground legend such as Ghetto is launching his own solo attack on the scene, originally an emcee, not many people know that he is as prolific on the mic as he is behind the beats, Rapid answers the critics with this preview:

A video has been shot as you can see from the snap shots within the video, look out for a lot of quality from one of the UKs elite producers and now set to fully establish himself as an artist.

Also, look out for his clothing line Hooze Redi ..coming soon


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Tinchy Stryder – Shake Me ft. Rapid

Since the last review of his album ‘Catch 22‘, I have listened to it more and a couple of the other tracks have begun to stand out more, one of them being ‘Tryna Be Me‘, Co-Produced by Dirty Danger and Rapid, featuring the multi-talented Ruff Sqwad.

I like the classic Ruff Sqwad feel this track has, it is a major record but it’s underground relevance is in full effect.

An instant favourite of mine is Shake Me produced by Top 3 selected producer himself Rapid, Rapid features on this track as well.

With Catch 22 being Tinchy’s album it is refreshing to hear another voice and Rapid really makes the most of it, a stand out on the track, definitely compliments Stryder. The beat itself is up-tempo, with a good blend of sounds, the synth is contrasted well by the live-sounding instrumentation, the singing ad-libs are amazing, I know they’re just ad-libs but they really give the song so much depth, over all the quality is really good, Rapid has been considered one of the best (if not THE best) producer in the Grime scene for a while now, with Shake Me he proves that his talents are just as able to conquer the mainstream.

Many people do not actually know that Rapid is more than a producer, he is a writer and vocalist too, a man capable to be an artist in his own right.

Click the image to visit Rapid's Official Myspace

Click the image to visit Rapid's Official Myspace

Tinchy Stryder – Catch 22 ..OUT NOW!!

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Dirty Danger – Ard Bodied

“Ard Ard Ard Ard…”

This track speaks for itself, it is literally Hard, best experienced in a club or on a good sound system.

Produced by Dirty Danger himself, the Ruff Sqwad soldier delivers a smash with Ard Bodied, the bass heavy beat is capable to get anyone dancing, you just cannot help but to nod your head to this, it is a street sounding feel-good anthem, “I’m not a flee boy, I’m a flee man”, With fellow Ruff Sqwad members Tinchy Stryder, Rapid & Slix all further establishing their status, Ard bodied will help Dirty Danger do no different, if not more. I have it on repeat, listening to it now as I write, it has something unique about it, consisting of segments capable to satisfy a range of listeners. Already being played on radio, Ard Bodied can do no wrong, with funky tracks such as Kyla – Do You Mind and Egypt – In The Morning heavily played in clubs across England, they encourage a positive vibe (more so for the ladies), Ard Bodied is one for the guys, it has such a strong feeling to it, definitely a song with an impact.

Dirty Danger has a hit on his hands with this infectious Grime meets Electric via funky anthem.

Fáris Rating:

Dirty Danger @ Ard Bodied video shoot

Dirty Danger @ Ard Bodied video shoot

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