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Kano – Rock N Rolla (Official Video)

There is no denying that this will be another successful single for the East London emcee, however, it is debatable whether this classifies as Grime, if not, has Kano left the scene again or are we understanding that he is an artist allowed to experiment?

In all honesty I am dissapointed with the video, the Justin Timberlake – My Love graphics add a lack of originality, which does not help the fact that Kano himself is using Autotune which has not been considered original for a while, production is similar to Tinchy Stryder’s current sound, but for feeling and feel good factor it is loaded and will definitely have everyone moving, especially in the clubs. It seems more like a buzz single, which although I feel deserved a better visual, it is different for a Grime video, it has certain elements and flavours to it which will help it stand out and make it appealing. Kano returned to the Grime scene with his previous album 140 Grime street, which although had one video and release, it did not receive the same reception as his previous two efforts, therefore it seems Kano is looking to go back and reclaim his status as not just a premier emcee but one of the countries premier artists.

Its K-A!!

"Its K-A!!

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J2K – Danger

Roll Deep emcee and one of the most underrated from the scene, J2K returns with Danger, the first single from his solo effort ‘The Wake Up EP’.

J2K has always stood out and his ability has never been doubted, fans and peers alike know he possesses plenty potential. With many of the artists establishing themselves further, it is now time for J2K to cement his position within the elite as an artist, Danger certainly has the sound to do so, the beat is a combination of a quick rhythm drum pattern laced with a mid-tempo synth, together the track becomes pacey but sounds like it is keeping up with J2K’s flow, as he rides the beat with ease, his flow remains steady, whilst the lyrical pattern is precise to the beat.

Danger will be blasting through headphones, home speakers and club amps within no time, with it’s versatile sound and appeal.

Fáris Rating:

The song at the end of the video emphasizes J2K’s mission to stake his claim as one of the best artists in the country (deservedly so), it gives you an insight into the quality of material to further expect from the Roll Deep member.

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