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50 Cent – Touch Me

I only gave this song a listen out of curiosity and to be honest, I am impressed, 50 Cent has not had the same impact since his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he has been consistently succesful with his releases, however, the music lacked the same appeal, him as an artist (similar to Eminem) was not satisfying the real fans (who continue to grow tired of commercial music). His (free download) mixtape ‘War Angel’ offered audiences more of old school 50 cent, with the flow, content and feel of the record similar to his debut, he follows that with the new mixtape ‘Forever King’ (Click here to download Forever King FREE).

Touch Me:

Taken from ‘Forever King’, Touch Me samples the classic ‘Touch Me, Tease Me by Case featuring Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige. 50 Cent’s delivery on this is what impressed me, it just sounds so ‘raw’, his flow is consistent but without being boring, this sounds like the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 50 Cent! Keeping Foxy Brown’s verse adds to the classic feel, with Case’s bridge and Mary J. Blige on the chorus, 50 manages to pull this version off well.

For a mixtape track..this is good, 50 Cent has a point to prove and cuts like Touch Me should help him prove it.

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Heres the original:
Case – Touch Me, Tease Me ft. Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige

I don't think Paris Hilton will be joining G-Unit

I don't think Paris Hilton will be joining G-Unit

..But I'm sure she's 'down' with 50

..But I'm sure she's 'down' with 50

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Rick Ross – All I Want ft. The Dream

The Boss returns with his official second single taken from his No.1 charting album ‘Deeper Than Rap’.

All I Want ft. The Dream:

A continuous ‘rap beef’ with heavyweight 50 Cent helped propel Rick Ross further and gain more promotion, it also became a channel for Rick Ross to release ‘street’ singles whilst putting out the softer material for chart success, a good combination as it kept both sets of fans happy.

With ‘All I Want’, Ross enlisted the help of man of the moment ‘The Dream‘ (fresh off the success from his sophomore album ‘Love Vs Money’) and producer Tricky Stewart, the beat possess that feel-good factor, with the combination of drums and a soft but catchy melody on which The Dream provides yet another infectious hook for the fans to sing along to (remember ‘Cookie Jar‘?), The Boss flows over the beat well about his desired lady, with more lavish and luxurious rhymes, but it is all put together neatly, resulting in a potential summer smash for the self-proclaimed Biggest Boss.

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