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Lowkey – Something Wonderful

A man who uses his talents for the good, somebody who wants more from life than money and fame, somebody who wants to make a change, that somebody is UK’s own, Lowkey, one of the most gifted artists with his mind in the right place, here is his new single, the captivating, Something Wonderful:

Something Wonderful is quitely simply a beautiful song, it speaks for itself in volumes, it is an honest record (something you can always expect from Lowkey), it is a positive record and most of all it has a meaning, his ever-growing fanbase will love this as will new listeners. An ode to the female, Lowkey has come into more prominence recently and has not stopped to enjoy the accomplishments but rather work harder in order to acheive his goal, as a person he is humble and honest, I can only support and offer praise for such a person, especially when the music being created is so powerful and even comforting.

Having already topped the Amazon download charts, with Long Live Palestine, surpassing the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas in doing so, he has shown that you can still have a career and a following despite a lack of help from the media and corporates.

Continue to support the rightous rapper, as he continues to deliver quality and honest music.

Lowkey - Something Wonderful ..available for purchase on February 14th

Follow Lowkey on twitter @lowkeymusic1

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50 Cent – Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo (Official Video)

Okay, so here it is, I know when I first heard the record I was fairly scepticle and was not so positive, simply because I expected more, having heard the unmastered version, It felt like a mixtape record, however, the final master made a big difference, it went from being a generic Hip-Hop with R&B hook record to something that was actually created from scratch, producer Polow Da Don (Nas – Hero, Fergie – Glamorous), sampled his favourite 50 cent line, “Have A Baby By Me..Be A Millionaire”, although that dominates the record, I prefer the production itself, the drum beat sounds solid, it has a mid-temp which remains consistent, it never sounds weak or loses its presence at any moment, additional piano offers a more musical feel and really sets you up for the synth based chorus, on which Ne-Yo shines like no other, his vocals really make a difference, it just shows how big these two artists are, you get a sense of their personalities blended, it is a more vunerable 50 cent, something that is unheard of, Ne-Yo offers the balance which fits to the catered beat.

Matching this magic is the video:

Featuring Kelly Rowland as 50’s love interest, they manage to display an on screen chemistry, it is a fairly basic video in the sense of its idea and Ne-Yo having a seperate black screen scene, however the quality manages to provide a much needed appeal, you see 50 Cent in a way you have not before, he portrays a more personal side, it draws a lot of interest into the artist and as a whole completes a well contrasting video.

Kelly and Curtis on set of Baby By Me

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50 Cent – Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo

This one has yet to grow on me, this could be one of those cases where a visual is needed, simply as it is something different from both artists, it is a heavyweight collaboration, I guess that is my problem with it, 50 Cent and Ne-Yo, yet the track itself does not represent their status, Fabolous and Ne-Yo – Make Me Better had a far greater impact, this however feels rushed and a desperation move from 50 to get his name back on the top, surprisingly it has fallen, the likes of Drake, Kanye and Lil’ Wayne have all remained consistent, Jay-Z has even re-instated his position with Blueprint 3, Eminem proved that he is still one of the best and so the pressure really is on 50 Cent to deliver, this however is not a good attempt.

Did Rick Ross damage 50s career??

Did Rick Ross damage 50's career??

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Frontlinerz – Can’t Do It Like

After the success of their anthem Down, Frontlinerz continued to push their style of music, what many people did not know is that they are pioneers in allowing other artists after to come through, they were one of the first underground artists, recent situations forced them to sit back but Jak Frost and Receiver have returned to the frontline with Can’t Do It Like:

The video, which is currently being seen a lot on the UK’s premier urban channel ‘Channel AKA’ (formerly known as Channel U) is like a sequel to Down, it is their arrival once again, setting the scene before the extravagant Stack Money ft. G-FrSH is unveiled.

Can’t Do It Like has grown on me, it has a classic UK feel to it, it is mid-tempo, they sound hungry, determined to succeed, Having listened to the new mixtape, you can feel their ambition, but what I like best about Frontlinerz is (apart from being real) the chemistry on record, by which I mean you have Receiver (who made a cameo in the current Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’) with his laid back flow, his calm yet sturdy approach is balanced well by Jak Frost who is more vicious on the mic, you will like him even if he has to force you, it is that approach which we first encountered with 50 Cent, I know the two emcees are different, but their effect is similar, Jak Frost lyrically is raw to an extreme, laced with Receivers smooth tone which smoothens Jak Frosts’ rough delivery, Can’t Do It Like is the intro for their imminent take over.

Jak Frost & Receiver chillin' on the Frontline

Jak Frost & Receiver chillin' on the Frontline

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50 Cent – Touch Me

I only gave this song a listen out of curiosity and to be honest, I am impressed, 50 Cent has not had the same impact since his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he has been consistently succesful with his releases, however, the music lacked the same appeal, him as an artist (similar to Eminem) was not satisfying the real fans (who continue to grow tired of commercial music). His (free download) mixtape ‘War Angel’ offered audiences more of old school 50 cent, with the flow, content and feel of the record similar to his debut, he follows that with the new mixtape ‘Forever King’ (Click here to download Forever King FREE).

Touch Me:

Taken from ‘Forever King’, Touch Me samples the classic ‘Touch Me, Tease Me by Case featuring Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige. 50 Cent’s delivery on this is what impressed me, it just sounds so ‘raw’, his flow is consistent but without being boring, this sounds like the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 50 Cent! Keeping Foxy Brown’s verse adds to the classic feel, with Case’s bridge and Mary J. Blige on the chorus, 50 manages to pull this version off well.

For a mixtape track..this is good, 50 Cent has a point to prove and cuts like Touch Me should help him prove it.

Fáris Rating:

Heres the original:
Case – Touch Me, Tease Me ft. Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige

I don't think Paris Hilton will be joining G-Unit

I don't think Paris Hilton will be joining G-Unit

..But I'm sure she's 'down' with 50

..But I'm sure she's 'down' with 50

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4th July, My Birthday!!

As today is my birthday, I thought to share some birthday themed tunes, could only find three though:

Obviously, this song always does the trick at birthday parties, “Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday..”, next is a more unorthadox choice:

Like I said, unorthadox, however the next and final one is the most obvious, most probably the first song that comes to mind when it comes to ‘birthdays’:

Oh and as a random bonus:

Take care World!

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Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

This song has is crazy!!

Now obviously when you have a song so good, a lot of people are going to make their versions, there are many remixes, I have chosen my three favourite and I want to know which one you prefer?

Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Remix) ft. 50 cent

I will like to add that I’m not a big fan of Fergie’s part in THIS remix! ..it is hard to find good versions so have to work with this for now:

Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Remix) ft. Kid Cudi:

“Tell Me, How You Feel?”

Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes

I so want to see an official remix with all three, now that would be BIG!

Tell me, which one do you like? ..Then I’ll give you my ratings for each one

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Rick Ross – All I Want ft. The Dream

The Boss returns with his official second single taken from his No.1 charting album ‘Deeper Than Rap’.

All I Want ft. The Dream:

A continuous ‘rap beef’ with heavyweight 50 Cent helped propel Rick Ross further and gain more promotion, it also became a channel for Rick Ross to release ‘street’ singles whilst putting out the softer material for chart success, a good combination as it kept both sets of fans happy.

With ‘All I Want’, Ross enlisted the help of man of the moment ‘The Dream‘ (fresh off the success from his sophomore album ‘Love Vs Money’) and producer Tricky Stewart, the beat possess that feel-good factor, with the combination of drums and a soft but catchy melody on which The Dream provides yet another infectious hook for the fans to sing along to (remember ‘Cookie Jar‘?), The Boss flows over the beat well about his desired lady, with more lavish and luxurious rhymes, but it is all put together neatly, resulting in a potential summer smash for the self-proclaimed Biggest Boss.

Fáris Rating:

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