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DaVinChe – Riding For Love ft. Cleo Sol & Bashy

Considered by many as the country’s best producer, DaVinChe offers us yet another anthem with Riding For Love.

Featuring Cleo Sol & Bashy, Riding For Love is set to be a smash if not justify DaVinChe’s position at the top, Cleo Sol (as heard on Tinie Tempah – Tears) is another talent on the rise and really puts her twist on his track, her voice has a presence and really makes the song her own in a way, Bashy provides a charismatic verse that touches the subject whilst being light-hearted, it fits the song well. After hearing Riding For Love, I am looking forward to hearing more from DaVinChe.

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Along with Riding For Love, DaVinChe has another version, another anthem but this time for the streets.

Rider ft. Keedo, Steelo, Ghetts & JME:

Personally, Ghetts stole the show with his verse, which to be honest is expected from one of the best the UK has to offer, Keedo was impressive with a sharp flow and witty rhyme, JME delivered as always and helped round the track up nicely, I feel that the beat has not been fully justified but none the less it is a good blend of artists and will no doubt be well received.

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