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Ny – Sea Sick (Official Video)

Previewed this single a while back, I tipped it to be a hit, obviously one more catered for the females, this does not mean the song is not any good, I think Ny deserves far more recognition, her previous single Dangerous should have been a smash, but the industry works in its mysterious ways, if Dangerous was (for example) Keri Hilson’s single, it would be constantly played and praised, yet when we have someone as talented as Ny, they are just looked over.

I hope Sea Sick brings her the deserved recognition, produced by Davinche, this song could so easily be a Ne-Yo/Stargate hit, and by that I mean, it has a nice beat, it has a concept, lyrics and its overall feeling, I have to admit, Davinche surprised me with this one and that is exactly what you want from the premier producers! Ny as always sounds great, I’m surprised not she has not done many collaborations, Ny could so easily be a success stateside (like most of our scene) as she possesses all the essentials.

The song is good, make sure you spread the word and support Ny, we need more real talented people that deserve to be at the top of the charts!!

Lady Ny

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DaVinChe – Riding For Love ft. Cleo Sol & Bashy

Considered by many as the country’s best producer, DaVinChe offers us yet another anthem with Riding For Love.

Featuring Cleo Sol & Bashy, Riding For Love is set to be a smash if not justify DaVinChe’s position at the top, Cleo Sol (as heard on Tinie Tempah – Tears) is another talent on the rise and really puts her twist on his track, her voice has a presence and really makes the song her own in a way, Bashy provides a charismatic verse that touches the subject whilst being light-hearted, it fits the song well. After hearing Riding For Love, I am looking forward to hearing more from DaVinChe.

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Along with Riding For Love, DaVinChe has another version, another anthem but this time for the streets.

Rider ft. Keedo, Steelo, Ghetts & JME:

Personally, Ghetts stole the show with his verse, which to be honest is expected from one of the best the UK has to offer, Keedo was impressive with a sharp flow and witty rhyme, JME delivered as always and helped round the track up nicely, I feel that the beat has not been fully justified but none the less it is a good blend of artists and will no doubt be well received.

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