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Wiz Khalifa – Something New ft. Ty Dolla $ign

It’s finally here.

Having teased the record on social media for some time now, Khalifa man drops the anticipated Something New ft. Ty Dolla $ign.

The chorus is really what carries the song, with many initially thinking it was Ty’s record, before he released Love U Better, and to be fair, this would have been far greater of an option than his current single, and the argument could be made that Wiz picked one of the best for himself, but at the same time, we know full well that once the rollout begins, and the visuals drop, Wiz’s stardom will only help propel this record further and many in the know are aware as Ty Dolla $ign has showed us consistently that he can churn these hits out on a regular. More on the track itself, it’s cool Wiz, like we’ve come to know, with his current relationship in the limelight, and the assisted social media campaign, the track is relevant and you can expect for all platforms to pick it up. Produced by Hitmaka (aka Yung Berg), who is really beginning to dictate the sound of late, it’s just such a laid back, easy listening joint, and will only grow stronger upon each listen.

With the audio racking up over a million plays in under 4 days, the official video is released, filled with some beautiful ladies and some big name cameos, from Demi Lovato down to Jamie Foxx, though visually top notch, the concept goes a bit left. It might be because I was thinking or hoping for Wiz to maybe focus it around his relationship, with their matching ensembles really getting a lot of attention, I just thought something along those lines, with the two would really follow up the snaps that somewhat raised the profile for the track, but instead, the pretty ladies are running game as they steal from the guests, including Juicy J, G-Eazy & Jason Derulo (to name a few). Close to half a mill within 24 hours, and it’s only going to continue further..

With a new album on the way, the Taylor Gang boss has got himself a sure hit to kick off his new album with, and we can expect a blend of this new maturity with the wildness for a dope audio experience.

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Tyga – Move To L.A. ft. Ty Dolla $ign

It’s been a weird one for the former Young Money rapper, as his high-profile relationship seemed to overshadow his career, even on his current promo run, every interview is more focused on that than him and his music. It is rather annoying and can only imagine how it is for him, but aware that he needs to brush these rumours off to get their focus back on track, he’s tackled it, and as the smoke clears, his new project, Bitch I’m The Shit 2 is on the way. This in some ways is another chance to push himself back into prominence as an artist, and as we have seen from him in the past, establishing his Last Kings brand (after leaving Cash Money), he is capable.

The first single off the project, is the Bad Boy-ode, sampling one of my favourite Ma$e tracks, What You Want ft. Total. I was sceptical at first, but to be honest, if I’m trying to make a comeback of sorts, and hear the song, I too would think to flip it, and then you put the wavy Dolla $ign on it, who would bet against that?

Having previously heard the record, it’s a pretty straightforward flip, and the sample is classic and will no doubt work, the added feature of Ty Dolla $ign really takes the record to another level. Visually, T-Rawww pays homage to the Bad Boy era, and it starts off a lot better than it ends, it might have benefitted better with a similar intro to the original, or even kept a similar vibe, but none the less they show love with the floating scene and a couple lil’ jigs with the fisheye lens. I appreciate the respects to to the West coast with the Big Boi skit, but other than some beautiful women and a couple cool steps, the visuals are not anything out of the ordinary, but the song (albeit due to the sample) is strong and will definitely raise interests for the project’s release, which might do better than most predict, especially in the streaming realm.

Noted that BITS2 is being marketed as a mixtape, so you cannot expect too much being put into it, but I reckon there’s fire on it, so look out for that.

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Ty Dolla $ign – Love U Better ft. The Dream & Lil Wayne

Despite his major success, Ty Dolla $ign is still not as praised as I believe he deserves. The man behind some of your favourite songs (Chris Brown – Loyal, for one), he has maintained his relevancy through an onslaught of features and appearances, albeit with two studio albums under his belt, unfortunately they had not connected as well as his mixtapes. Campaign was a step forward from his debut Free TC, however it was his Beach House series which really raised his profile, and so fittingly the third instalment to the series is set to be his third album also.

Maybe there is a disconnect between the mixtapes and the albums, we’re aware of the various constraints that can occur, which can affect the music, but this move clearly highlights what to expect, and with the unveiling of this new single, it might just be the album we’ve been waiting to hear from him.

Produced by longtime friend and collaborator, DJ Mustard, with the Peabo Bryson – Feel The Fire sample, which you may recognise from The Game’s (Drizzy featured) track 100. it’s not anything spectacular, but it’s definitely fitting to the Beach House collection, and serves as a good introductory single for the album. Now, I do not think this is the best we have got from Ty, in some ways, I wish it did not have the features, but commercially the inclusion of The Dream adds a particular contrast to the record, not to mention the compliment of singing alongside a fellow singer/songwriter of such high acclaim. Weezy F Baby does what we’ve come to expect, for some reason however, (not taking anything away from the song) it does sound like an old record out the stash, but it could just be that I’ve become so expectant of Ty to innovate (like his Ed Sheeran interlude) or maybe I just really want to hear the song Wiz has been previewing on Social Media.

The visuals are crisp and add some depth that the single might have lacked, amongst the cameos from Sevyn Streeter, YG, Jeremih & Trae Tha Truth, it’s always great to see Weezy, with his Lollipop-esque mirror performance, there are tones of seriousness, as what is depicted as a young Ty, sat on the stairs, as a domestic audio is played over, it does open up some narrative and for me at least makes the song (and it’s visuals) stronger.

I’m definitely going to listen to it more, as Love U Better will gain momentum on radio, hopefully it picks up on this side too, and will for sure play it’s part in setting up for the release of Beach House 3.

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