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Wise words of wisdom with Megaman (So Solid)

With artists like Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Wiley and Chipmunk dominating the charts, the urban scenes are buzzing as more doors are opened, at the same time I think people should understand the originators, the pioneers who first turned that door handle, such as More Fire and before that, probably the biggest urban movement in the UK, the So Solid Crew.

During a recent video shoot, I had a chat with Megaman, who humble as ever explained his dream, desire and dedication, a man who has accomplished so much in terms of music and business, I felt it was only right that we share more wise words of wisdom from the So Solid captain himself (Along with Ozzie B).

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D-FAM TV: SO SOLID – Since You Went Away (Behind the scenes)

So Solid Crew

With the return of the So Solid Crew imminent, D-Fam TV brings you the latest from behind the scenes of the NEW So Solid video for their up-coming single ‘Since You Went Away’, the track features Romeo, Megaman and Lisa Mafia as they touch on the subject of their absence from the scene and their comeback.

The video will no doubt be a quality production as you can only expect the best from the UK’s elite crew.

Look out for more exclusives from D-Fam TV with OneFáris.


Click the picture to visit D-Fam's myspace

Click the picture to visit D-Fam's myspace

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So I’m back from the video shoot for Sef – Need A Hero, it was crazy to say the least, A big thank you to all those who showed love and support, but I just want to share this with everyone, as a fan I’m excited about this…. The UK’s most successful Urban collective, the So Solid Crew are making a return, with each member branching out into successful solo careers many people wondered what had happened, however, Megaman himself has declared to give the fans what they have been waiting for …a So Solid Crew album!! ..at present it is considered the last one as a collective but regardless..they are ready to take over once again!!

So Solid!

So Solid Crew

So Solid Crew

PS, Footage from the video shoot will be posted soon!!

Music Kidz – Born To Do This

Starz Up!!

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D-Fam – You’re My Baby

When the heart of the UK’s biggest urban collective introduces a group or artist, everyone has to take note. so when So Solid Crew’s Megaman introduced us to D-Fam, a collective of young talented rappers and singers, everyone’s ears were open and the addictive single that was Whatever You Want, really had their buzz growing.

09 and they have returned with ‘You’re My Baby‘, featuring a more mature ‘Taj’ and ‘Castro’ leading the vocals, new member ‘Junks’ and ‘Jemmel’ (who vocally reminds me of a young Babyface) serenading the ladies with the hook. The track itself is easy to listen to, it’s far from gritty and the explicit urban culture that the genre gets stereotyped with yet possesses that street element with the presence of Taj (I still think we have not heard the best of him yet) and a slick looking Castro. Castro is someone to watch not just in front of the camera, he reminds me of when Megaman was fresh on the scene, more than just one of the rappers, a young entrepreneur out to fulfill ambitions, hopefully he and his collective D-Fam can match and even surpass the success and create their own legacy, with the guys all in their early 20’s, time is definitely on their side.

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