Pitbull – Blanco ft. Pharrell

Pharell Williams is obviously associated with big beats and hit records, however, along with Chad Hugo, The Neptunes have always had a special relationship with Miami rapper Pitbull, proof of this special collaboration comes along as they team up once again this time for the Fast & Furious 4 soundtrack with the song Blanco.

The track is a lively party song, it has a fast flowing feel-good factor to it, Pharrell providing the hook, Blanco looks set to bubble up nicely to surface in many clubs and house parties alike.

Blanco has been given a boost with the ‘fly on the wall’ style video, an almost ‘life in the day of’ concept, as we follow Pitbull through a crazy night, filled with hot woman and plenty of drinks. Fitting the high lifestyle shown in scenes during the new Fast & Furious movie, this song compliments those moments in the movie extremely well, almost perfectly.

The video has a mix of excitement and humour to it, which only emphasises the feeling that the song puts across, Blanco will most likely be on many people’s summer playlists.

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