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G – FrSH – URGH (Official Video)

This is pretty much the UK equivalent to Clipse – Grindin’ in terms of the beat and concept, The way Clipse fit to a Neptunes beat (With Pharrell knowing how to bring the best out of them), likewise Thy Maryan creates the perfect platform for G-FrSH to preach from.

‘URGH’ can only be described with words like ‘dope’, ‘gully’, ‘grimey’, ‘heavy’ and so on. It is a crazy piece of production from who else but Thy Maryan (Wretch 32 – Superhero), This beat is so good that its difficult to describe it, the feeling and vibe it gives off, it’s a ‘dark’ beat, but possesses moments of light which constrast well, the beat tells a story itself with G-FrSH adding more colour and flair to the composition.

At the moment G-FrSH (who has always been a favourite of mine) is my artist of the moment, the lyrics, style and flow combined produce smart and entertaining rhymes, “When They See Me They Applaud Me, Cos’ I’m About My Paper Like Trees..So Real N****s Root For Me“.

As for the video, I had seen a couple images which i assumed where from a photoshoot, but the video is honestly amazing, I really respect FrSH entertainment for the quality they produce, this video represents the beat so well, the cut out affects, the way G-Frsh is walking down is actually showing him walking to the video shoot, as in he really lives what you see, the visual effects compliment the video, it is artistic without going over the top, it is a really well done video.

G-FrSH is not just your regular rapper, he is a business man, a mastermind behind the successful FrSH enterprise, with his own company and clothing line, a talented artist and above all an inspiration for many.

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Click logo to visit official site

Click logo to visit official site

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Pitbull – Blanco ft. Pharrell

Pharell Williams is obviously associated with big beats and hit records, however, along with Chad Hugo, The Neptunes have always had a special relationship with Miami rapper Pitbull, proof of this special collaboration comes along as they team up once again this time for the Fast & Furious 4 soundtrack with the song Blanco.

The track is a lively party song, it has a fast flowing feel-good factor to it, Pharrell providing the hook, Blanco looks set to bubble up nicely to surface in many clubs and house parties alike.

Blanco has been given a boost with the ‘fly on the wall’ style video, an almost ‘life in the day of’ concept, as we follow Pitbull through a crazy night, filled with hot woman and plenty of drinks. Fitting the high lifestyle shown in scenes during the new Fast & Furious movie, this song compliments those moments in the movie extremely well, almost perfectly.

The video has a mix of excitement and humour to it, which only emphasises the feeling that the song puts across, Blanco will most likely be on many people’s summer playlists.

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