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Youngs Teflon – Fire Water

With a project released each year for the last couple years, South London’s prince of rap has been on a consistent rise, leading to a feature and appearance on Giggs’ Landlord album and tour, finishing off the year well with the release of his South London Press project. Not looking to slow down in the slightest, he gives us Fire Water..

Fire Water is Tef further establishing his lane, like his position in the game, it’s sits comfortably between Drill and Rap, as he skips across the production with the catchy flow. There’s a fine line between rapping about things that you can’t believe someone so deep in the game to be doing, but as he’s still on somewhat of a come-up, it works well, but what I like most is that he’s able to draw the parallels between the street and rap life, without it being so in-depth, you can get the “road” lingo and experience whilst he’s motivating and describing the come up itself, holding importance as he has always been heralded for his lyricism.

The video helps bring the vibe to life, bring the heat in the snow, as he’s really just having fun with the mandem, and as people love visuals, it will surely help push the song further for those that might have slept on it.

It might not be his best song thus far or the big single, but rather feels like the start to a rollout towards the anticipated new project, however, it not only provides insight into the direction he’s taking, but we get to hear the improvement, in delivery, his thought process, which only raises the interest for his dedicated core fanbase, who will definitely be awaiting some new material from one of the scene’s unsung heroes.


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Youngs Teflon – South London Press

One of South London’s finest, Youngs Teflon has been the bridge between the ol’ skool and new, as one of the younger ones to watch, he has now become a checkpoint for a lot of the up and coming rappers, with many who work with him, going on to cement a name for themselves, he is also one of the few from his era to successfully transition into this new stage of the scene. Possessing a strong fanbase, his loyalty to the game has shown him stay true to his roots and play position rather than capitalise or conform. His latest EP South London Press is proof of such.

Affiliated with the standouts from Big Narstie and Blade Brown to 67 and K-Trap, Youngs Tef has become a staple in the scene, and while people may have expected him to make the transition for a more commercial sound (I was was hoping more people would take to last year’s underrated Flex N Finesse), with this 6 track project, he’s remained even truer to his sound, with his audio depiction of that side of South London. From the more introspective intro, down to the wavy Birthday, he’s still able to offer some variation. More impressive is the fact that whilst fans digest the project, he has more heat in the stash, and recently released the visuals for (one of my favourite tracks), the title track itself, racking up just under 200,000 views in a week, shows that he his definitely on course to further establish himself as one of the elites.

Whilst he has played his part and held it down, I do hope that he takes up more of the opportunities and shoots rather than look for the assist, as he most definitely is deserving considering the amount of work he has put in up to this point, and I have no doubts that he will not only persevere but reach newer heights.


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XX17 Spotify Playlist

With us closer to the end of the year, I’ve curated another playlist, this time a selection of some of the best and underrated Hip-Hop, Grime, Alternative and R&B tracks of the year, thus far. The playlist hosts American, British and French tracks, that varies in tempo and style, featuring the likes of Giggs, PartyNextDoor, Post Malone, Wale, Sampha, Toro Y Moi & many more..

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Giggs – Landlord Tour

It’s been a long time coming. Over ten years to be exact. Most artists, get their music out, it connects with an audience, they turn up to see them perform, and a career elevates. Unfortunately, the Police had other ideas, continuously shutting down shows and still the Street’s Prophet has been battling the powers that be, and with the support of the fans, defying the adversity thrown in his way.

You cannot stop God’s plan. As the scene evolved, his position as one of our elites remained, and without needing to conform, we got to witness his own evolution, as the Landlord returned to rightfully claim his place. If you saw his pivotal London show, the energy transcended through the fucking video, the brotherhood of fellow elites such as Skepta and Kano, further aligned Giggs rightfully at the top, and with a quality album under his belt, he took the monumental show across the nation. Along with the featured acts, there was no trouble or negativity. Pure vibes and more than anything, justice, for the man with the pure soul, the Landlord, aka, Giggs.

For many this might not seem so major, but there have not been many (if any) ‘tours’ for our urban artists, tourbus, staging and all. It was great just to see them enjoying themselves, with no hassle. Shout out to SN1, Buck, Kyze, Big Ryde, the accompanying acts, the entire production team, from sound, stage down to lighting, and congratulations to Giggs for the (deserved) acclaim and Sold Out tour. It’s upwards from here on for the South London legend.

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