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Giggs – Landlord Tour

It’s been a long time coming. Over ten years to be exact. Most artists, get their music out, it connects with an audience, they turn up to see them perform, and a career elevates. Unfortunately, the Police had other ideas, continuously shutting down shows and still the Street’s Prophet has been battling the powers that be, and with the support of the fans, defying the adversity thrown in his way.

You cannot stop God’s plan. As the scene evolved, his position as one of our elites remained, and without needing to conform, we got to witness his own evolution, as the Landlord returned to rightfully claim his place. If you saw his pivotal London show, the energy transcended through the fucking video, the brotherhood of fellow elites such as Skepta and Kano, further aligned Giggs rightfully at the top, and with a quality album under his belt, he took the monumental show across the nation. Along with the featured acts, there was no trouble or negativity. Pure vibes and more than anything, justice, for the man with the pure soul, the Landlord, aka, Giggs.

For many this might not seem so major, but there have not been many (if any) ‘tours’ for our urban artists, tourbus, staging and all. It was great just to see them enjoying themselves, with no hassle. Shout out to SN1, Buck, Kyze, Big Ryde, the accompanying acts, the entire production team, from sound, stage down to lighting, and congratulations to Giggs for the (deserved) acclaim and Sold Out tour. It’s upwards from here on for the South London legend.

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Tinchy Stryder – GAME OVER ft. Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk

With the current dominance of Urban artists and music in general within the charts, it is safe to say that the scene is being recognized, regardless of who or how, the fact that so many artists are able to crossover into mainstream status and be considered household names is a big accomplishment for an ever-growing industry.

So no greater way to celebrate such an achievement than with a track like this.


As Tinchy Stryder prepares to release his new album Third Strike, he brings us this monstrous anthem, featuring a plethora of talent, the best thing about this line-up is its range of diversity.

1. Giggs, the elite rapper kicks it off with his distinct raw style & sound, cementing his authority on the track as well as the industry (despite their efforts to restrict his movement),

2. Pro Green, the quirky wordsmith is finally reaping rewards for all his hard work and takes this in his stride with a cocky yet clever lyrical combination,

3. Tinie Tempah, the two-time number 1 star is on a successful role and his delivery on this is a testament to his growth from chart newcomer to a resident member of that premier section of artists.

4. Devlin has made a huge impact in the scene, having been a dominant name within the Grime scene for years, the youngster makes the leap into chart status and he does not hold back on this, definitely one of the better verses.

5. Example, this verse was a complete surprise to many, he deserves his place but he really takes this opportunity and puts it in a headlock, merging a new and old school style with his own delivery, it strangely reminds me of Roots Manuva at times, it is without doubt a really good effort.

6. Chipmunk, i think everybody expected more from the young mainstream phenom, however it a bad verse, its cocky, confident and raw, reminds me of Dubz at one point, which can’t be a bad thing. Munk’s offering definitely takes time to grow in comparison to the others but good none the less.

7. Tinchy Stryder, Cloud 9 Strydes steps up to platform and truly delivers, considered my most as one of the best verses we have heard from him in a while, he definitely switches the level for this one and stamps his mark within the game.

Together, these seven artists really take a stand for the scene, showing variety as well as unity among artists in every tier of the charts.

Here is the Mobo performance:
To me this appeared like the TV series Heroes, at one point you have each artist on one stage with their own “power”, an immense occasion in the scene’s history.

Bonus: there is no way i could leave this out..

Sway really delivering something spectacular as he promotes his new mixtape The Delivery 2

Giggs – Hustle On OUT NOW!
Devlin – Runaway OUT NOW!

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Fem Fel – Jail Tales (BBC Three)

Although many of the others within this unique series have recieved more praise and support, this one is a stand out in my opinion.

Fem Fel:

The instrumental instantly dominates, however, attention should be paid to the content and Fem Fel really makes the most of this opportunity, lyrically captivating, he takes you on a journey into a dark era of his life, emotionally charged, you hear the pain in his voice, like a cry for help as he endures the hardships of being locked up, hearing this is extremely inspiring. This is a positive offering from one of South London’s realest artists. Looking past the glitz and glammer, Fem paints a raw picture of life inside prison, an incredible eye opener for the youth of today who are misguided by the glamorization of such lifestyles.

I salute Fem, for he could have used this to showcase himself, yet he does less of that and more in terms of teaching through his own mistakes, in accordance to what the concept of Jail Tales portrays, this is exactly what was needed.


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Giggs – Slow Songs ft. The Streets

This song has been on repeat, BET award winner Giggs and Mike Skinner team up for this suprising collaboration, however, as unlikely the partnership may seem, the two work perfectly. Giggs maintains the style that has helped raise his profile, with reality cleverley crafted into clear and easy listening lyrics, this is Giggs at his finest and the Pecknarm representive does not dissappoint. The beat is basic but the sample and synths layered help form a route for the tracks journey to stay on course. Mike Skinner returns to our speakers with a verse that had me going back and listening to all the classic material from The Streets catalogue thus far.

In time this song will surely get more airplay and receive the recognition that it deserves, it is a massive track that could very well be the catalyst for a comeback from The Streets, in the mean time Slow Songs will help solidify Giggs’ position as one of the premier emcees/artists in the UK.

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