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Kanye West – Amazing ft. Young Jeezy (Video)

A good song from a good album, been waiting for a while since I found out that this was the next single to be taken from 808’s & Heartbreaks.

Kanye West has been raising the bar in terms of standard for music videos of late, his video for Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi had people in a frenzy (and confusion until they realized that it was meant to distorted). This video, far different from the last, but just as much of an impact, it perfectly represents the track, with dark shots, exotic locations, basic effects yet the end product is a joy to watch.

Visually, it speaks more and uses minimal shots, the jungle theme fits the sound effects in the song, with both Kanye and Young Jeezy at their best. Not much has to be said as the video speaks for itself but it is just as inspirational as the song and undoubtedly another classic by Mr West.

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Young Jeezy – Don’t Do It

One of my favourite tracks from Young Jeezy’s latest album ‘The Recession’, Track 15 ‘Don’t Do It’, has Jeezy’s portrayal of his battle with ‘selling out’, looked up to by the streets, over the past few years with his three albums, Young Jeezy has become a voice for the streets, however, many have been in his position and sold out for fame and fortune, this is where Young Jeezy say’s he wont. “Jeezy Don’t Do It, Never ever, Never ever”, that line there says it all. The track is Jeezy assuring those that depend on him that he won’t go that route.

The video is a good look, it is dark yet entertaining at the same time, following the lyrics about Jeezy visiting his friend in jail. Director Gabriel Hart understands the tracks instrumentation as he has the violins being played in the video, it is cleverly contrasted and really emphasises the track itself for all it is worth.

For me the best thing about the video is the profile of Young Jeezy himself, he has come along way since his first tapes under the name Lil’ J, even as Young Jeezy, from Soul Survivor (his first official single) to this current track, he has come along way, many rappers, many artists even have come and gone yet Jeezy remains a prominent fixture in today’s hip-hop. towards the end of the video, quite the statement is made as we see posters of Nas – Illmatic, Jay Z – Reasonable Doubt and Tupac – All Eyez On Me (All 3 undeniable classics), there is an empty space between Jay n Pac and Jeezy’s poster for the recession is put up between them, solidifying Young Jeezy and the album The Recession’s status among hip-hop’s legacy.

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