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Frontlinerz – Can’t Do It Like

After the success of their anthem Down, Frontlinerz continued to push their style of music, what many people did not know is that they are pioneers in allowing other artists after to come through, they were one of the first underground artists, recent situations forced them to sit back but Jak Frost and Receiver have returned to the frontline with Can’t Do It Like:

The video, which is currently being seen a lot on the UK’s premier urban channel ‘Channel AKA’ (formerly known as Channel U) is like a sequel to Down, it is their arrival once again, setting the scene before the extravagant Stack Money ft. G-FrSH is unveiled.

Can’t Do It Like has grown on me, it has a classic UK feel to it, it is mid-tempo, they sound hungry, determined to succeed, Having listened to the new mixtape, you can feel their ambition, but what I like best about Frontlinerz is (apart from being real) the chemistry on record, by which I mean you have Receiver (who made a cameo in the current Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’) with his laid back flow, his calm yet sturdy approach is balanced well by Jak Frost who is more vicious on the mic, you will like him even if he has to force you, it is that approach which we first encountered with 50 Cent, I know the two emcees are different, but their effect is similar, Jak Frost lyrically is raw to an extreme, laced with Receivers smooth tone which smoothens Jak Frosts’ rough delivery, Can’t Do It Like is the intro for their imminent take over.

Jak Frost & Receiver chillin' on the Frontline

Jak Frost & Receiver chillin' on the Frontline

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Ghetts – Don’t Phone Me (Remix) ft. Lil’ Narsty & Fumin’

This one is a definite smash for the Grime fans!

You have most likely heard the original, Ghetts – Don’t Phone Me ft. Griminal:

The track featuring the comical intro by comedian on the rise Jazzie, tore down raves (literally), as Ghetts (an established artist) introduced a broader audience to the beast of an emcee ‘Griminal’, the track was on heavy rotation on Channel AKA and was one of the most asked for tracks during their request shows. Similar to the original, this remix brings Griminal’s younger brother Lil’ Narsty alongside one of East London’s finest (Newham to be exact) Fumin’.

Don’t Phone Me (Remix) ft. Lil’ Narsty & Fumin’:

One of the best things about the original is the fact that you had one of the best in the genre in the form of Ghetts alongside one of the new breeds destined for future success, this has been kept in the remix with Griminal’s younger brother Lil’ Narsty steps up with Fumin’ (famously heard on the mainstream breakthrough anthem that is Pow), emceeing since his teens, now at 23, Fumin’ is still considered too young to be considered a veteran but established and experienced he is. Both artists deliver quality, Lil’ Narsty shows glimpses of the potential that has everyone believing in him abilities and success in the near future. I’m a fan of Fumin’ so it was great to hear and see him at his best, sounding hungrier than ever, Fumin’ and Lil’ Narsty both do themselves and their reputations justice with this collaboration.

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Ozzie B – Maybee Ting

Hopefully you’ve seen Ozzie B’s ‘About Time’ (and read the review obviously), well now Ozzie B aka Zed follows up that anthem with another one.

“These days it’s a Maybee thing, Everybody saying Maybee thing,
These days it’s a Maybee thing, To make P’s is a definite-definite- definite-definite thing!!”

Ozzie B displays his versatility with this one, after the strong sounding and lyrically driven ‘About Time’, he steps into the funky house room, trying to keep the sound as street and underground sounding as possible, yet possessing the required elements for it to be as big on the dance floor, It will no doubt help put the name Ozzie B into more people’s heads with the track’s catchy vibe, you can’t help but to get up and ‘skank’ to this one.

Maybee Thing‘ is a feel good, care free tune, you can’t be critical of something that does what it is supposed to, and Ozzie B has certainly met the requirements with this banger.

Featuring rising comedian Jazzie’s alter ego J.Weezy, the video adds to what is most definitely a summer banger!

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