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Frisco – Eyes On You

Frisco is back with a funky-inspired track.

With tracks like Kyla – Do You Mind and Egypt – In The Morning being played heavily across the UK club scene, Frisco joins Ruff Sqwad’s Dirty Danger in representing the guys.

Eyes On You, is a simple track, the concept is pretty simple and fully justifies the statement ‘less is more’, I can see this being a big success in clubs, Frisco is fully representing with this banger. More about feeling than content, this is something new and different from the Tottenham resident, but Frisco has always had a presence on track and this is no different, there is no over the top use of autotune, it is all done with simplicity and it comes of well, he is not singing completely, it is a good blend, the beat has elements of funky and grime embedded and that helps it fit in whilst standing out at the same time.

Click image to visit official myspace

Click image to visit official myspace

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Dirty Danger – Ard Bodied

“Ard Ard Ard Ard…”

This track speaks for itself, it is literally Hard, best experienced in a club or on a good sound system.

Produced by Dirty Danger himself, the Ruff Sqwad soldier delivers a smash with Ard Bodied, the bass heavy beat is capable to get anyone dancing, you just cannot help but to nod your head to this, it is a street sounding feel-good anthem, “I’m not a flee boy, I’m a flee man”, With fellow Ruff Sqwad members Tinchy Stryder, Rapid & Slix all further establishing their status, Ard bodied will help Dirty Danger do no different, if not more. I have it on repeat, listening to it now as I write, it has something unique about it, consisting of segments capable to satisfy a range of listeners. Already being played on radio, Ard Bodied can do no wrong, with funky tracks such as Kyla – Do You Mind and Egypt – In The Morning heavily played in clubs across England, they encourage a positive vibe (more so for the ladies), Ard Bodied is one for the guys, it has such a strong feeling to it, definitely a song with an impact.

Dirty Danger has a hit on his hands with this infectious Grime meets Electric via funky anthem.

Fáris Rating:

Dirty Danger @ Ard Bodied video shoot

Dirty Danger @ Ard Bodied video shoot

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Lady Ny – Dangerous

Lady Ny has been consistent within the scene, with a voice to match her looks, she fits the word beautiful just right.

She is back, and with a banger, the track ‘Dangerous’ will be available for you all to hear soon and take my word for it, it is a hit.

Lady Ny – DANGEROUS (Exclusive Snippet)

Dangerous is catchy to say the least, it’s a fusion of sounds that can be labeled in multi-genres. “I’m about to explode, I’m Dangerous”, Lady Ny’s voice is smooth as ever and combined with the production, it really has an edge to it, it is urban but it’s easy listening values mean it could so easily be lighting up the charts, given the right promotion this could be a big hit for Lady Ny (She does deserve it).

Production wise, ‘Dangerous’ possess the funky house vibe that is currently blazing the country, you can’t help but to move to it, when this comes on in the clubs, even those that cannot dance will be moving someway or another. Obviously a voice for the Ladies, Lady Ny has a strong vocal presence on this song and it is such a feel good song that it really does have the power to break down any barriers, So the male audience can appreciate this as much as the ladies.

“Does it have to be, Something that I see, Or can I feel it..I’ll be just fine, and Do you even know..anything at all, What I’m thinking deeply down inside”

Keep an ear out for Lady Ny and this sure hit, I’ll be back with the track soon.

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