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Dotstar – Xpensive

Lagos Boi aka Dotstar continues the surge of hits with his next single, ‘Xpensive’.

Dotstar is on quite a roll with the success he has received from previous singles, ‘Stick Up‘ and the current MTVBase chart topper ‘She’s Killing Me‘, so he brings you this exclusive snippet for ‘Xpensive’,

From the sounds of the infectious beat and catchy flow, this will be another club smash!

Dotstar has created quite the hype, this record will definitely add to and continue that for him, with the potential is being quite high as he is builds on the momentum of his new style and sound, he can cause quite the wave within the music industry on a global scale, already rising to prominence in Europe and Africa, he is without doubt off to a great start!

Stick Up:

She’s Killing Me:

In demand.

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TAZ – back to business..

I (like many others) remember Taz from Dizzee Rascal’s Just A Rascal as well as his own release, Cowboy Film:

With the above record, Taz reached out to Canada’s own Kardinal Offishal, this was a first for UK music, especially within the urban genres, it was clearly a step in the right direction and something that deserves more praise than he is actually credited for, there was also a very entertaining remix featuring an early verse from Sway.

Taz has been busy behind the scenes, but has recently surfaced a long with a wave of new music and much more.

As part of DMT:

as well as his collaborations with Carl Cani:

A member of the BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), Taz has signed a distribution deal with Las Vegas based, ‘On Blast Entertainment’ and is now preparing for a Taz and Carni London to Las Vegas Uni Tour (with support from NUS, PRS, Money Clothing and Dark N Cold clothing), Starting 25th Feb – 7th April.

Carl Cani’s debut single On 2 Me was a success making it onto the Mtv Top 10, so now pushing for Carl Cani’s second single, ‘Boasy Pose’ out in April, hoping it can surpass the first single’s acheivements.

Look out for more from Taz and DMT, as well as a video coming soon for the club banger ‘Take Your Time’.

Taz & Carni

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M.I. – Hustle (Remix) ft. SAS

MTV Africa award winner M.I. reaches out to UK’s European representers, Eurogang’s SAS (Mega & Mayhem) for the remix to what is becoming an African classic, Hustle.

Mega & Mayhem have been consistant with the quality of their music, they were one of the earlier artists I tipped for success, this was back when I did not even write, I was just a fan, they went on to work with Dame Dash and there was talk regarding Dipset, but all that matters is that SAS are well respected both in the UK and in USA, that is a rare accomplishment, with this track the Flygerian brothers have now justified their reputation in Africa, a good look for the two, representing the United Kingdom with two honest and heartfelt verses, M.I. has a style of his own and you can tell why this song is such a hit, so combine the two and you have an even bigger record and another step forward in spreading unity through music.

Runway Fly ..UK Stand Up!!

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Jason Lewis – Too Many Weave

It is a great time for the UK in terms of rising talents, the music scene with the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder dominating charts, Noel Clark and Adam Deacon to name a few are making waves within the film industry and then you have the comedians like Eddie Kadi, Kevin J and Channel AKA’s own Jazzie.

Among the ranks is comedian Jason Lewis, hilarious sketches and relevant comedy, Jason Lewis first burst onto the scene with his parody of Bashy – Black Boys:

An MTV show (The Jason Lewis experience) later he returns with the Boy Better Know – Too Many Man parody ..’Too Many Weave’:

Great to see more good comedy and comedians from the UK, with comedians such as Jason Lewis and Jazzie to add to the likes of Slim, Kojo and Paul Chowdhry the country has another reason to smile and laugh.

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Giggs – Slow Songs ft. The Streets

This song has been on repeat, BET award winner Giggs and Mike Skinner team up for this suprising collaboration, however, as unlikely the partnership may seem, the two work perfectly. Giggs maintains the style that has helped raise his profile, with reality cleverley crafted into clear and easy listening lyrics, this is Giggs at his finest and the Pecknarm representive does not dissappoint. The beat is basic but the sample and synths layered help form a route for the tracks journey to stay on course. Mike Skinner returns to our speakers with a verse that had me going back and listening to all the classic material from The Streets catalogue thus far.

In time this song will surely get more airplay and receive the recognition that it deserves, it is a massive track that could very well be the catalyst for a comeback from The Streets, in the mean time Slow Songs will help solidify Giggs’ position as one of the premier emcees/artists in the UK.

Since the above review, the track has continued to gain further radio play, rotated heavily by the likes of 1xtra’s Mista jam and Tim Westwood. The video like the song will definitely gain a mixed reaction, I want to criticise the video and say it does not offer the same standard of visual as the audio, but at the same time I admire it’s artistry, the video cleverly brings you more into Giggs’ mind, the metaphorical view of Mike Skinner leading Giggs out is similar to Mike Skinner reaching out to Giggs and leading him to the mainstream (from the underground).

Music videos are created to emphasise and help depict the song, this video does just that and with a track so powerful, I understand that it is best to keep it minimal. Expect to see this video on your TV soon, question is, will Mtv Base put their pride aside and give in to the quality and talent of (previously banned) Giggs.

Fáris Rating:

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