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No Hats No Trainers Cypher 1

No Hats No Trainers brings a collective of artists together for a series of Cyphers, this is the 1st in the instalment, featuring veteran rap duo SAS (Mayhem & Mega), a long with lyrical geniuses Mystrogen and Wretch32, “spitting” over the ‘Kanye West – Power’ instrumental, each artist brings a powerful presence to the set.


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SAS really represent Europe, here they link up with German producer Spintec:

Spintec is quite the producer, his combination of sharp synths and soft drums provides Mega & Mayhem the right canvas on which they let loose and flow effortlessly whilst remaining lyrical with a variation of punchlines and metaphors between them both. Unfortunately this is not the full version, however it is an indication as to their intentions for next year, SAS and the Eurogang collective will have a lot more for you in 2010, this is just the starters.

Make sure you check out their mixtapes and definitely the new clothing line, seriously there are a few acts who have quality clothing lines and SAS/Eurogang are one of them, the T-shirts, Caps and Hoodies they’ve been wearing are all on on my list of wants and I know fashion too, so make sure you take a look at http://www.eurogang.net/

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M.I. – Hustle (Remix) ft. SAS

MTV Africa award winner M.I. reaches out to UK’s European representers, Eurogang’s SAS (Mega & Mayhem) for the remix to what is becoming an African classic, Hustle.

Mega & Mayhem have been consistant with the quality of their music, they were one of the earlier artists I tipped for success, this was back when I did not even write, I was just a fan, they went on to work with Dame Dash and there was talk regarding Dipset, but all that matters is that SAS are well respected both in the UK and in USA, that is a rare accomplishment, with this track the Flygerian brothers have now justified their reputation in Africa, a good look for the two, representing the United Kingdom with two honest and heartfelt verses, M.I. has a style of his own and you can tell why this song is such a hit, so combine the two and you have an even bigger record and another step forward in spreading unity through music.

Runway Fly ..UK Stand Up!!

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Nu Brand Flexxx – Emergency

Many of you may remember them from one of the previous ‘UK..stand Up’ segments, well they’re back with a new club banger, Emergency’.

Nu Brand Flexx bring a lot of flavour and colour to their music, as you can tell from the videos, they have a style of their own, this is evident from this record. It is not serious or sensitive, it is a feel-good track, one for the ‘skankers’, those that just want to enjoy themselves and have fun, put it in your playlist as you get ready for a night out, or request your DJ to play it when you’re in the club, either way you will be dancing away, enjoying yourself.

Look out for more smashes from the Nu Brand Flexxx collective, the talent is there, the determination and desire is as well, so expect big things from the guys.

New Brand Flexxx

New Brand Flexxx

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Mark Henry – FLYGERIAN ft. G-FrSH, Tinie Tempah, Bigz & Dotstar

This should be the Nigerian national team’s track when they walk out onto the peach of any game, they should definitely listen to this in the changing rooms, they will not need any encouragement, the feeling of this song would do it all.

Mark Henry has been in the scene for a while, respected for his abilities, he was at times shadowing fellow emcee Sincere, however of late the two have been a tag-team in the industry and raising their status, Mark Henry steps into the spotlight for this one, displaying the reasons he is regarded as one of the best emcees, he enlists the help of G-FrSH for that extra dimension, a star in his own right, G-FrSH has proved that he is one of, if not the best entrepeneur, this year he has proved he is also one of the best rappers, Tinie Tempah (now a Major recording artist) takes the track somewhere else, he is the perfect example of variation, he provides his fast flow and witty lyrics setting up the flamboyant Bigz, who just unleashes his Nigerian passion onto the beat, the beat itself (which is co-produced by Mark Henry) is extremely catchy, fusing a modern and traditional sounds, it is done well, and even if you’re not Nigerian you cannot help but to like this. Flygerian also features mr ransom himself, the young Dotstar aka Lagos Boy, who provides a verse for the younger audience, this offers the track as a whole a lot of diversity and range, I was dissapointed that the original casting was not kept, which had SAS in place of Dotstar, but maybe the song would have too long, either way, this is a unifying classic, with an entertaining video, directed by Jak FrSH, capturing their modern lifestyles with their traditional values, the eagle is an immense addition, an overall great offering.

Ima Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan

"I'ma Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan"

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Black The Ripper – My Lyrics are Forever

During a recent trip to New York, I asked the locals which artists in the UK they knew about, I wanted if they have the same exposure that we have of their artists. The majority knew of Tim Westwood and used words to describe him that I can’t really say but you get the point, Dizzee Rascal it seems is the most famous prospect over there, I was hoping someone would say Wretch 32 or Ghetts, however that was not the case, for ages we have had Hip-Hop dedicated radio shows, our own awards ceremony ‘the Brits’ and ‘Mobo’ give out awards to more overseas artists than homegrown, the likes of Tinchy Stryder(that was before the recent awards) Ndubz and Chipmunk are changing that I agree, however if we can know about the likes of Currency, Wiz Khalifa and Slaughterhouse here in the UK then why do they not know of our talent?

There are a few reasons, their population is far larger which means more rappers, so everybody is too busy following what is ‘hot’ rather than having a real passion and allowing themselves to be naturaly inspired by a wide variety of influences. The Duo of Mega and Mayhem, better known as SAS were another name I heared a fair bit, could be due to their once affiliation with Dipset and Rocafella records, or just the fact that they have put the work in over there.

This article/review is to silence anyone who argues that the UK does not possess the talent or the fact that it is because of our dialect, as Americans have a different accent to us yet for years we have been listening and supporting.

After hearing this track, I felt the same feeling that I would get from listening to Wu-Tang, or even Rakim, Black the Ripper aka Samson takes it back, the production is Hip-Hop, it possesses the feeling of a classic, the potential is amazing, A real music fan anywhere in the world can appreciate this, Black the Ripper is talented and is clearly not phased by the problems many face to progress into mainstream, he celebrates the idea of being underground, using the internet to reach his audiences, he has come a long way through his own hard work and ambition, expect to hear a lot more of this artist because real talent can never be denied!

Fáris Rating:

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Over 1 Million myspace views!!

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