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Chris Brown – Not My Fault

I have always been one to put Artists’ private lives separate from their music, R. Kelly went into overdrive with his music after accusations of him and an underage girl surfaced, I applauded his work, same goes for Akon, Michael Jackson (RIP) and even George Michael, the Music is what matters to me. So, on that note, it is only fair that Chris Brown is given a chance, I don’t condone hitting a female at all, however I am in no position to judge, so music it is.

Produced by the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) and featuring Pharrell himself, Not My Fault leaked out as Chris Brown attempts a come-back. The song is not bad, if anyone could resurrect Chris Breezy’s career then it is Pharrell, Rumours have circulated that Pharrell and fellow Virgina native and super-producer Timbaland are set to join forces, creating a record label even named ‘Two Up, Two Down’ to launch a Virgina artist, Chris Brown is from Virgina and often makes two V’s and is heard saying, “Two Up, Two Down”,

Listen at 03:26:

Nothing is concrete apart from the fact that Chris Brown is planning his re-arrival onto the scene.

‘Not My Fault’ is not a bad way to come back, it will take more but this would serve as a good album track, it would pass off as a prosperous single (if accompanied by a good video). The production aspect of Not My Fault is a typical Neptune’s sound in all honesty, similarities to some of the Neptune’s previous work with Usher are evident, which is not entirely a bad thing. Use of digital sounds blended with live percussion gives the song an edge, the layers and their varying sounds really give the song its direction which Chris Brown nicely harmonizes with. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Chris Brown as he attempts a return, Not My Fault shows that there is hope for the young star.

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Fat Joe – One ft. Akon

Joseph Cartegena better known as Fat Joe returns with the first single of his new album ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)‘.

The new single ‘One‘ features Akon (a man who definitely knows a thing or two about hit records), ‘One’ to me is like the previous release ‘I Won’t Tell’ but on steroids, it’s another one for the ladies but the content has gone from showering a beauty with luxuries to Joe appreciating his only lady for holding him down throughout their struggles.

Produced by ‘The Inkredibles‘, who give the song that ‘street’ edge with Akon increasing it’s commercial status whilst sounding raw like only he can (as previously heard on Young Jeezy – Soul Survivor and 50 Cent – I Still Kill).

In all honesty when i first heard the track I kind of slept on it, it sounded like the typical street song and then threw Akon on the hook for it to be a hit, but after a few more listens it became clear that the song does possess substance. ‘One’ is a good look for Fat Joe and shows promise for his already long and successful career.

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