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La Roux La Wrong?

So today, I wake up and check my twitter, only to see many people commenting about La Roux apparently criticizing Tinchy Stryder, now if you have witnessed Tinchy Stryder’s career from the beginning, then you cannot help but to like, be happy for him and hope his success continues. Now, La Roux had an opinion before regarding R&B as “very kind of empty, like hollow and not rooted in anything good or healthy”, to an extent I can agree, of late R&B has not been as creative and soulful as it once was, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and so that matter faded (like her popularity among many), she also had an opinion about the lack of musical quality in contrast to amount of skin shown, which is a fair opinion again, I agree that the music should be the selling point not the appearance, she went on to say, “You shouldn’t be selling records because you’re half naked – if you want to do that be a porn star.” – I agree with that statement 100%. Thing is, I am was a fan of La Roux, the music was good, it was different, it was quality, but by making a statement regarding a hard working artist who has faced far more difficulties and hurdles in his career alone than she has in her life is extremely unfair and unacceptable.

La Roux lead singer Elly Jackson claimed Tinchy Stryder to be overrated:

“George Michael wrote ‘Careless Whisper’ when he was 17,” she told The Guardian. “I didn’t see Tinchy Stryder writing a song like that when he was 17, but he still gets the same praise.

Now, everybody is entitled to their own opinion but this seems like a Kanye West-like unnessacary rant, George Michael was and is an amazing talent, ignoring his private life in which he has faced his own trials and tribulations, he did offer some amazing songs, Careless Whisper is an evergreen classic and for him to write that at the age of 17 is remarkable, but Tinchy Stryder has come a very long way, he had his own battles in life, he is more of an inspiration to the youth than George Michael will ever be, in an era where kids are so easily lead astray, Stryder has continued to show focus and determination, not afraid of hard work and he is now receiving his much deserved success, both George Michael & Tinchy Stryder are two different individuals let alone artists, Elly Jackson has no idea of the difficulty Tinchy Stryder has had to face in his career alone, consistantly pushed aside for a more ‘acceptable’ act, many artists including miss Jackson and La Roux would have quit their profession ages ago under such scrutiny and stereotyping.

I think this desperate attempt for attention should be received with neglect for her talent as she seems to do so for Tinchy Stryder’s, he is extremely talented in his own right, as she is, it is a shame as I like her music. It is easy to look at her as overrated but we do not, we appreciate her and her talent as she should for other artists.



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Chris Brown – Not My Fault

I have always been one to put Artists’ private lives separate from their music, R. Kelly went into overdrive with his music after accusations of him and an underage girl surfaced, I applauded his work, same goes for Akon, Michael Jackson (RIP) and even George Michael, the Music is what matters to me. So, on that note, it is only fair that Chris Brown is given a chance, I don’t condone hitting a female at all, however I am in no position to judge, so music it is.

Produced by the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) and featuring Pharrell himself, Not My Fault leaked out as Chris Brown attempts a come-back. The song is not bad, if anyone could resurrect Chris Breezy’s career then it is Pharrell, Rumours have circulated that Pharrell and fellow Virgina native and super-producer Timbaland are set to join forces, creating a record label even named ‘Two Up, Two Down’ to launch a Virgina artist, Chris Brown is from Virgina and often makes two V’s and is heard saying, “Two Up, Two Down”,

Listen at 03:26:

Nothing is concrete apart from the fact that Chris Brown is planning his re-arrival onto the scene.

‘Not My Fault’ is not a bad way to come back, it will take more but this would serve as a good album track, it would pass off as a prosperous single (if accompanied by a good video). The production aspect of Not My Fault is a typical Neptune’s sound in all honesty, similarities to some of the Neptune’s previous work with Usher are evident, which is not entirely a bad thing. Use of digital sounds blended with live percussion gives the song an edge, the layers and their varying sounds really give the song its direction which Chris Brown nicely harmonizes with. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Chris Brown as he attempts a return, Not My Fault shows that there is hope for the young star.

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