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Bashy – Ransom ft. Scorcher & Wretch 32

A little while back, an image of British artist Bashy emerged, he appeared to have cuts and bruises, awareness was initially made when a Facebook message from Bashy’s fan page was sent, the message was apparently from an angry Bashy who had been attacked, the name Terry Ambrose was mentioned heavily, many believed that Bashy had indeed been attacked.

The image appeared again, courtesy of Urban entertainment’s finest duo, Ace & Vis, who posted the picture on their blog but with a less worrying caption.

Not much was said about this image for a while, Bashy’s blog continued as normal, a new post showing an image of an equation featuring ‘Bashy, Wretch 32, Scorcher + A black van’. Bashy then posted the image of his with the cuts and bruises, many now believed that this a real incident that took place.

Now, a new song and accompanying video has been posted for a track titled Ransom, featuring Scorcher & Wretch 32. This shows that the alledged attack was really a hoax and more so publicity for this new song, talk was always there as many fans have felt that Bashy would lose respect if it is indeed a publicity stunt, but after watching the video, I really cannot say anything but WELL DONE to Bashy, he has put out probably one of the best track and video I have seen in a while, subject wise it is as real and gripping as Kidulthood to Adulthood, even better to be honset.

‘Ransom’ is a display of three of the UK’s premier artists, both as emcees and actors even, Scorcher and Wretch 32 are suprisingly as natural as actors as the are rappers, the fact that is a Part One (it is part of a feature film) has me eager to see more, the three put in one hell of a performance, Scorcher is a highlight on this song, for some reason his tone and persona dominates over the beat, Bashy and Wretch 32 match it well, the video visualises the song to it’s best ability.

As a movie, the earlier message and images of Bashy’s alledged attack unfold as Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas actually plays the character of Terry Ambrose, featuring Tayo ‘Scorcher’ Jarret as ‘Junior’, Jermaine ‘Wretch 32’ Scott has a double role as ‘Frankie’ and Terry Ambrose’s Co-D ‘Terry’. As a movie ‘Ransom’ delivers a hard-hitting storyline with great detail, great performers with great delivery, a certified ‘one to watch’ as it is captivating and will undoubtly amaze audiences when seen.


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