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The STAR IN THE HOOD looks set to be in line for his third number 1 with this latest effort.

The club anthem sample, the catchy and distinct flow, this epic number, dispite having two number ones already, looks set to be Stryder’s coronation as a mainstream success.



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Tinchy Stryder – Shake Me ft. Rapid

Since the last review of his album ‘Catch 22‘, I have listened to it more and a couple of the other tracks have begun to stand out more, one of them being ‘Tryna Be Me‘, Co-Produced by Dirty Danger and Rapid, featuring the multi-talented Ruff Sqwad.

I like the classic Ruff Sqwad feel this track has, it is a major record but it’s underground relevance is in full effect.

An instant favourite of mine is Shake Me produced by Top 3 selected producer himself Rapid, Rapid features on this track as well.

With Catch 22 being Tinchy’s album it is refreshing to hear another voice and Rapid really makes the most of it, a stand out on the track, definitely compliments Stryder. The beat itself is up-tempo, with a good blend of sounds, the synth is contrasted well by the live-sounding instrumentation, the singing ad-libs are amazing, I know they’re just ad-libs but they really give the song so much depth, over all the quality is really good, Rapid has been considered one of the best (if not THE best) producer in the Grime scene for a while now, with Shake Me he proves that his talents are just as able to conquer the mainstream.

Many people do not actually know that Rapid is more than a producer, he is a writer and vocalist too, a man capable to be an artist in his own right.

Click the image to visit Rapid's Official Myspace

Click the image to visit Rapid's Official Myspace

Tinchy Stryder – Catch 22 ..OUT NOW!!

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My favourite track from his new album – CATCH 22

The album itself is a fusion of Electronic, Grime and Alternative, it has many different elements to it, but they manage to fit together as a whole, a very energetic, feel-good album.

Tinchy Stryder – Spotlight ft. Tanya Lacey:

‘Spotlight’ is my standout track from the album, production wise, it is bass and synth heavy, electronic sounding instruments blended with sharp acoustic sounding drum kicks, there is a lot happening but it does not sound over the top, reminds me of an old Stryder favourite of mine, ‘Dance 4 Now’, it almost sets a scene, you do not need a dance for this, you just move with the vibe, it has a dark element to it, which helps Tinchy Stryder’s voice stand out and sound prominent, whilst the organ sounds compliment the track like a flame to a candle. Track 4 off Catch 22, Spotlight is another potential chart topper, I could not see many people disliking the song, it has so much positive energy, the beat is so well constructed and Stryder flows almost effortlessly over it with confidence and ease like only Tinchy Stryder can. Tanya Lacey’s vocals boost the track and provide an extra feeling, Spotlight perfectly captures Tinchy’s position as a star in today’s music industry and not just in the hood.

Fáris Rating

Tinchy Stryder – Dance 4 Now:

I have to admit, I was gutted not to find Finish Line ft. Sef (Produced by Music Kidz) on the final release,

however, It does not make the album any less, as Catch 22 is 18 tracks of cross-over frenzy, the album is cleverly crafted, there are a lot of behind the scenes situations that as an audience we do not know about, taking all that into consideration, this album is impressive. Tinchy Stryder will always represent Grime and UK music even he features on a Country song, this album shows how ahead of his time he really is, sure people will find negatives but that is the Catch 22 in itself, I think Tinchy Stryder has done enough in his career so far to earn him the respect and the chance to experiment with his sound, doing so, with Catch 22 he has not dissapointed.

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 (OUT NOW!!)

Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22 (OUT NOW!!)

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