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Polyester The Saint – Grey Filas

If you thought LA’s current run was slowing, guess again. Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing, Polyester The Saint.

Now, this is by no way, his actual introduction, I’ve heard him prior, courtesy of collaborations with some of my favourite artists (Dom Kennedy, Freddie Gibbs), and (like his name) his verses stood out, leading on to hearing some of his own material, and initially it was evident potential, until last year, when I came across the wavy project, entitled ‘Pop, an acronym for “Passion • Obsession • Profession”. It featured this song, which was an instant hit as I had a pair, so it became a sort of anthem, Pop also featured another personal favourite 5-hunnid Benz. Throughout the project, he tackled the production with such originality whilst paying homage to the classic West Coast theme, I was impressed with the structure, and the overall wave.

Fast forward to now, I’m about to step outside, slipped my grey Fila ’96s on, happen to peer online and saw this new video, leading to me rinsing the internet on my phone, watching the video at every opportunity (Thus this review being written now, as I’ve just got back in, Filas still on). Directed by Andre 4k, he gives us a good balance with the artist being the focal point, whilst keeping the theme and vibe of the record accentuated.

“I’m yellin’ Thug Life..”

The record itself has such a southern flavour to it, Pimp C would be proud, with Pac feeling as satisfied with the West Coast soul that flows through. As usual, I have a remix in mind, I think musically it would work, if it were to feature Chase N Cashe, and the reasoning behind it, isn’t just that he’s also a dope musician on the rise, but because he too reps Fila, it would be a good look for the brand, for sure. There are a lot of people standing with their surfboards, hoping to catch onto a wave, then you have a player like Poleyster The Saint, who happens to have his own. If you like this, then definitely check out ‘Pop’, and be ready for the new project, due soon.

“Squares can’t keep up, I’m in the grey Filas..”

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Skepta – Bad Boy

Bad Boy is the new single from Boy Better Know’s self proclaimed ‘Microphone Champion’, better known as Skepta.

With this record, Skepta has provided an all-round anthem for a broader range of audiences, it sounds good on radio, sounds great in the club and even through your headphones, Skepta does not use any vocal enhancers, nor makes any major changes to adapt to a commercial sound, instead it is just a well constructed track that feels natural, with Skepta’s distinct style neatly fused into the track, it is no surprise why Bad Boy record has reached way over 200,000 views on youtube.

A lot of people will criticize and expect a more underground sounding Skepta, until those people put their money where their mouth is and actually purchase the records, they should expect this, even then I feel this is a great UK record, as if you cannot help but to sing along, I’ve always been one to deminish stereotypes and this song does that and happens to be catchy whilst doing so, definitely looking forward to more hits from Skepta as he continues this surge of good music.

The video is courtesy of Staplehouse with fellow North London artist Scorcher continuing upon his recent success as a Director, he really has come a long way in such a short space of time and this video fully justifies his credentials, along with the rest of the Staplehouse team, who help create a great visual for a potentially huge track.

Skepta - Bad Boy (available 10th March), the album 'Microphone Champion' ..OUT NOW!!

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Bashy – Your Wish Is My Command ft. H-Boogie

Bashy - Catch Me If You Can (OUT NOW)

Bashy - Catch Me If You Can (OUT NOW)

From the first listening of his new album ‘Catch Me If You Can’ it was evident that Bashy was trying to make a point, in an attempt to satisfy everyone and broaden his range of audience he created an eclectic album, those that followed Bashy’s rise obviously knew that the album would not be a dominantely grime album, he has always stood out for being witty and entertaining in a comical way, he sustained his presence in grime with the track (and video) Ransom (featuring Wretch 32 & Scorcher). Bashy then created a mini-anthem in the form of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Your Wish Is My Command featuring H-Boogie (Estelle’s sister) was one of the tracks that stood out in the album as able to cross-over, its merged sounds and styles allowed it to cross over into different genres for more people to enjoy.

The beat itself is a techno meets funk saying hi to pop somewhere along the journey, Bashy gives the track it’s urban relevance, it is obvious that Bashy intended to create a feel-good fun song and I can see this doing well, as for the video, I think it’s funny, it is different, it has comical value, it stands out and should not have any trouble receiving play on TV, the track itself should become a regular on radio, fans sometimes do not understand how hard it is to please everyone, some fans would like to see urban artists continue to make ‘underground’ music, but in order to be successful as an artist and gain mainstream credibility, they have to extend their range, Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder for example. With ‘Your Wish Is My Command’, Bashy has tried to create an overall feeling, it is urban, both artists represent urban alternative, Bashy is not singing, he is rapping, it is just a creative piece of expression, I personally visioned a futuristic video for the song, in all honesty I do not think the current video fully justifies the track, but it is hilarious to watch.

Bashy has always been ‘different’ coming up as an artist, where most emcees would stick to underground then make the pop transition, Bashy has always had these elements to him so it is no surprise. Your Wish Is My Command will do well for him, he boasts a lively character and the video portrays that well.

Fáris Rating:

I guess trying to keep every fan happy can be a bit stressful!

I guess trying to keep every fan happy can be a bit stressful!

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