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P-Money – 1 UP

So, I’m listening to some R&B and decide to speed it up, Grime always does the trick, but what do I listen to?
I wanted to hear something creative, different, something that I had no heard, So ‘P-Money – Money Over Everything‘, I had heard freestyles and short sets by P, but not an actual track.

Now, skipping through, I come across Track 5 1 UP, so far its full-on Grime, no mainstream crossover attempts, 1 UP possesses a youthful feeling, more so as it samples and the concept is based around the Nintendo classic, Mario.

P Money himself displays his lyrical ability nicely, as he uses characters and props from the famous game within his rhymes, it merges with the beat extremely well, it is fun, refreshing, exciting and really emphatic.

“It’s My Game, You Need To Jump Outta”

The concept is great, however not always is a good concept lead to a good track, in this case though, P Money pulls it off nicely, It remains true to the genre whilst those who are not as into Grime may still enjoy, any gamer can relate and its overall vibe is not as negative as the stereotypes of Grime are considered.

With 1UP & Money Over Everything, P Money has established himself as one of the ones to watch out for as the scene continues to flourish.

Click image to visit his official myspace to hear more..

Click image to visit his official myspace to hear more..

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Mario – Break Up ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett

After gaining major recognition worldwide with his single ‘Let Me Love You’ (Written by a then unknown Ne-Yo), Mario never really managed to maintain his status, issues with the release of his last album did not help. None the less, his talent is unquestionable as he returns putting those problems (including his mother’s drug addiction) behind with his new offering ‘Break Up’.

Produced by Bangladesh (Lil’ Wayne – A Millie and Beyonce – Diva), this R&B cut possesses that old school R&B feel that has been missing whilst sounding brand new, featuring Sean Garret aka The Pen (having written for Usher – Yeah, Chris Brown – Run It and Beyonce – Upgrade U to name a few) and rising underground rapper Gucci Mane (who helps balance the R&B levels with his raw, street style), Break Up will most definitely help push the trio to newer heights, especially Sean Garret who due to a lack of promotion saw the poor sales of his debut effort Turbo 919 (Which is a good album so make sure you check that out).

Mario’s return displays a more mature artist attempting to create good music rather than his next hit, with dedication like this it will not be long before he gets another smash, with Break Up rising in the charts, who knows..he may find it sooner than he thinks.

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Mario – Boom In It ft. The Dream

It’s not the latest but it is one of his recent unreleased tracks, I have heard a few new recordings by Mario and this is the pick of the bunch in my opinion.

Produced by Tricky Stewart and written by and featuring The Dream, Boom In It has the ingredients of a hit, if not in the charts then at least as a potential album track. I felt the traditional R&B vibe with Mario’s vocals and the song’s melody, whilst content and the literally ‘Booming’ beat provides a more modern and current R&B feel, nicely fused and resulting in what could be another success single for Tricky Steward and The Dream, not to mention putting Mario back in the spotlight as one of the talented singers the genre has to offer.

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