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Wretch 32 – Superhero ft. Thy Maryan

Still flying from the success of his last album Wretchrospective, North London’s Wretch 32 returns with the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Black & White’, the track is entitled ‘Superhero‘ and although the concept may not be new, the style and deliverance of the track most definitely is.

Produced by and featuring the talented Thy Maryan of Frsh entertainment, Superhero is an up-tempo track capable to sound just as good through your headphones as it will through your favourite clubs speakers (So start requesting).

Thy Maryan fuses deep toned synths with heavy kicks for this banger, similar to the producers previous hit with G-Frsh Do It, the tune is powerful in feeling, perfect for one of the UK’s premier emcees to deliver his fast flowing rhymes. Wretch 32 does not dissapoint, “Look babe, I can make it thunder, might save the day if I save your number, might hate to wait babe wayne can wonder..and I ain’t like him, no..cah I’m nuttin’ like ya ex man, I’m suttin’ like an X Man, so assume I’m a mutant, I’m immune to the nuisance..”
The success of Wretchrospective brought him greater respect and acknowledgement as an artist, therefore allowing him to try something different, and linking up with Thy Maryan has given Wretch 32 just that.

The video, Directed by fellow emcee Scorcher and Staplehouse productions, offers a good visual for the track, personally I would have liked to have seen more, as both the track and the artist possess that mainstream quality, at the same time I feel that this video manages to capture the song in a mainstream light as well as having a street feel which is essential for urban artists.

As a whole this is a really good track from Wretch 32 and Thy Maryan, definitely one to push both higher and further into the deserved spotlight.

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Wretch 32 – Ina Di Ghetto ft. Badness & Ghetts

Taken from my album of 2008, Wretchrospective, I still say this song is underrated, i still feel that Wretch 32 and this song did not get the recognition it deserves.

When i first saw the video I was like “it could be so much better”, but then as you watch it a few more times, like Wretch’s lyrics, sometimes the real meaning can go over your head, directed by Jack Frsh (The guys at Frsh are setting the standards), The video shows the harsh lives, we feel that it is tough growing up in certain parts of England, we have it far better than those who really live in poverty, we have the luxuries that they can only dream of.

Back to the track, Ina Di Ghetto, produced by Maniac is a demon of a beat, I still remember the first time I heard it, it was just a snippet and that snippet ended up being on repeat!

Wretch 32 as always, on point with his lyrics and delivery, “Cah everyones big wit hard-weight, now everyone thinks they’re scarface, it gets fizzy when they’re plans evoke, and they end up in the can for coke..i hope they 7-up”, when I heard that, I went back a few times like “Did he actually say that?”, the whole track is full of metaphors that only someone of Wretch 32’s calibur can create.

Badness adds more than just a hook, he brings in a whole new dimension to the track and it would not have the same effect without him, the next feature is probably Grime’s underground King, Ghetts (Formerly known as Ghetto), Wretch is not wrong when he says “I’m in the ghetto like Justin’s Yard, matter fact..Justin’s Heart”, I think it was only right to have Ghetts feature, “I been up since the crack of dawn, I ain’t Aaliyah but i’m back and forth, and even wit the heat by my side somehow i still manage to catch cold..”, You take one of the best beats in the country, put two of the best artists to ever come out of the country and what do you expect, like the album, Ina Di Ghetto is a classic, I still hold hope for a remix with the likes of Scorcher, Calibur and Giggs, but that’s just a fans dream i guess. In the mean time reality is tough and like the song hits hard.

Make you check out more of Wretch 32’s material if you’re not familiar with him already.

the classic album Wretchrospective is in stores now!

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Pure Badness!!

2008 saw the release of Wretchrospective from Wretch 32, on that classic was a Diamond of a track by the name of ‘Ina Di Ghetto‘, it featured Grime veteran Ghetto aka Ghetts and Birmingham’s own ‘Badness

Although both the Wretchroboy and Ghetts were on point and delivered quality as expected over the Maniac produced monster track, Badness offered the most catchy part with his delivery of the chorus, since then Badness has been working hard pushing his name and quality music to the public’s ears. Now 2009, I personally did not know what to expect from Badness, a recent appearance on Radio 1’s Tim Westwood show helped establish Badness as a serious artist with a serious talent!

Tracks such as ‘I Know This Girl’, ‘Split Personality’ and ‘Take The Title’ (Available to hear at www.myspace.com/badnessmc) show his array of ability vocally as well as his lyrical skill.

Badness is an animated artist on the mic, blending strong culture, street life, making it enjoyable and without a doubt entertaining.

With the ‘PA/LAVA Eruption’ project out on the 16th of March (Go Cop that!!), Badness will cement his place as one to watch as he continues his rise to the top with his fusion based music, a pioneer even, I can see Badness help many similar artists get the attention and recognition that they need.

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