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Dirty Money – Love Come Down (Official Video)

Diddy is a marketing genius, that is all I can say, he knows how to create something and more so how to deliver it to his particular audience of choice, this to most will sound like a typical diddy sample, to others it will be a wacky new pop cut from Bad Boy, however, this is a genre-merging R&B/pop/rap combo, it has soul, it has swagger (do we even still use that word?), Diddy has his style of music, his last album ‘Press Play’ displayed elements of what we have come to expect from him..from back when he was known as Puff Daddy.

As for this song, I actually like it, I think its cool, that is who it was made for, that ‘cool kids’ demographic, it is not a classic, or a musical masterpiece, it is just a feel-good record that I can see a lot of people moving to, simple as, its a nice contrast from the more sombre ‘Angels’, the beat takes time to adjust to I feel, but if you just give it a chance, you will find yourself nodding your head, ex-Danity Kane member Dawn has been given a bigger platform to perform on and she’s making the most of it, her vocals have something about it, its unique, not the strongest but still captivating, similar to an early Keri Hilson, either way all together this has ‘Hit’ written all over it, if not in the UK, then most definitely it will continues to gain more and more spins across America.. whilst I look forward to hearing the whole album.

"Its that Dirty Money!"

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Dirty Money – Angels ft. Notorious BIG (Official Video)

Diddy returns to our screens and speakers with something new.

During production of his latest album, a concept and group was formed, consisting of himself, singer Kaleena and former Danity Kane vocalist Dawn Richardson, the group Dirty Money, is a edgy R&B group, a rock influenced urban group, Nirvana meets Ne-Yo style sound, nobody was sure what to expect, until now.

“I came from Heaven, Just to sing a song for you..”

The concept which Grammy winning producer Brian Michael Cox attempted to create with his R&B group ‘Dirty Rose’, however, it was not executed as well as this, With Dirty Money and the single Angels, Diddy manages to capture feeling, known for his sampling, he does no different here, the additional B.I.G verse actually provides the ‘street’ element, it captures a range of emotions and interacts with a variation of audiences, truth is, I really like it, it is subtle yet emphatic at the same time. Diddy is no stranger to marketing and he does no wrong here, Hype Williams is called upon for the directing and he pretty much mirrors the song with a visual, monotone and slow, it captures the essences of the track, you forget that Diddy is actually singing. There are some grey areas of confusion, there is a heavy portrayal of religion, which makes sense to the title ‘Angels’, yet the visuals of smoking, partying does clash but overall it manages to blend well and create a contrast that we face in every day life.

Angels has me intrigued to hear more from Dirty Money, this would be a perfect intro track for their album, but that shall all be revealed in due time, for now, Diddy has done it again, and provided us with something extremely different to listen to, from Diddy’s Phill Collins-like singing to Dawn’s sultry ad-libs, Angels might just be what the industry needs.

Diddy, Dawn & Kaleen = Dirty Money

Diddy, Dawn & Kaleen = Dirty Money

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Robin Thicke – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Tribute)

I know there have been a few and will be many more tributes to come, One of the most popular is The one with The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy and BoyzIIMen, there is also an amazing one by UK’s own Sway, but the following gives an idea of something I thought of yesterday.

I wondered that rather than refunding the tickets for the 50 shows, would it not be good if the best in the industry performed the classics in tribute, the likes of Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Usher, Ginuwine, Sisqo, Justin Timberlake, Omarion and even Chris Brown, then i began to think which songs they could cover (Who deserves to perform Billie Jean?), then I came across this clip of Robin Thicke singing to Human Nature in tribute and I guess that is the song he could perform, seeing as he does it so well.

Here is another version:

After watching this I think Chris Brown’s voice would be best suited to perform ‘In The Closet’:

But then he has already (sort of) performed Billie Jean (05:18), Although I still think Usher or Ginuwine are more suited:

Let me know what you think, would it be a good idea? ..if so, who would you like to see and covering which song?

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